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  1. Amy

    OK, wow. This is how I feel exactly, but my kids are 9, 6, and 39 (yes, I KNOW he’s not actually a kid.) Do I have to wait for them to be middle schoolers to stop the remindering? Please say no.

  2. Karen

    At all costs, I try not to engage in reminderings. It’s a little bit of a diss, really..”You still have 30 minutes of piano to practice today” is sort of like saying, “I have to remind you of this because you aren’t smart enough to remember yourself.” (My boys are 13 and 15.)

    There are natural consequences (mostly) to their not remembering. Didn’t wash the soccer uniform? Wear it dirty. Forgot to take it on game day? Warm the bench. Forgot to practice piano? You’ll be awakened at 6AM to practice double. All done with empathy, so they can be mad at themselves and not US.

    I think they ask things like “Will you get me up at 6:00?” because they KNOW we’re over brain capacity and there’s a good chance we won’t remember and then they get to blame us. They learn quickly that they’d better take care of things that are truly important, without our help. (Thank God. Now I have room to remember…. heck, who was I supposed to call again?)

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