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  1. Jen Singer

    Karen Hoffman! You win! Look for an e-mail from me and we’ll get your prize out ASAP.

    Thanks to everyone for playing so nicely. Look for another giveaway this Friday at MommaSaid.

  2. Arleen

    I would be the one playing! But I would share if asked. Nicely.

  3. Kim Misenheimer

    I have to admit that they both would probably be for me! I have my own DS and I loved the first Professor Layton game and haven’t treated myself to this one. The Art game would be used by us all. My kids both have their own DS’s. I hope I win!!! Thanks!

  4. Veronica Vasquez

    I will be giving these to my niece if I win! She just got a DS & only has one game for it so this would be a great gift for her upcoming birthday!

  5. Janice

    heh, me :)

  6. Karen Hoffman

    My 11 year old will play this…and then he’ll teach his 4 year old brother how to play too.

  7. Stephanie

    My mommy sent me this link, knowing I’d play it. She’s such a thoughtful one!

  8. Lita

    My 3 kids and myself will play these games =]

  9. Carla

    My son would love these games! He is really into art and puzzles.

  10. Debra

    Our whole family would probably take turns playing it.

  11. RocketScienceMom

    My son would get to use both, but my daughter might only be interested in the Art academy. So we’d get twice the use out of them!

  12. Stephanie

    Cool games….I would love to win!! I would have as much fun playing as my boys…Hope they would share…

  13. Kati

    My son would play these, but occasionally he lets me borrow his DS, so hopefully he’d share!! : )

  14. m

    I’m playing it!

  15. Amanda

    My Six year old, Samantha will get to play it… when I’m done. :)

  16. Beth

    My husband and my son would get a huge kick out of these games.

  17. Nancy @divasofmc

    My daughter will for sure play the art game not so much my son. As for the Professor Layton game it’s vice versa. When no one is looking I’ll be playing the 2nd game too because I love puzzles. LOL!!

  18. Lisa

    We have a “family” DS, so the whole family can enjoy both! My daughters are 5 and almost 8, so they’ll probably mostly do the Art Academy, but the Unwound Future sounds like one they could do with a parent. I know Mommy will enjoy both! (Daddy and the 3 year old will probably go to the train tracks while we play, tee hee!)

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