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  1. Jen Singer

    Update: All the bats were in the display, untouched, this morning.

  2. Sara

    While it is heartening to hear that mothers are making better choices for their families economic situations I would like to see more mothers taking stock of the food they are providing for their families. Too often there are not enough nutrients and too many callories, these bats full of gum are unhealthy sure yet even more important they are laced with chemicals that can do permanent accumulative damage. I say we make a change and go back to the ways of our ancestors and eat what is natural, healthy and abundant. A good rule of thumb is if it grows so do you…if it is a food that was never alive how can it keep you alive?

  3. Jennifer Margulis

    “But in 2010, we’re thinking twice about putting out the four (or 40) bucks. We’re downsizing the birthday parties and cutting back on the impulse (or, ahem, sanity-saving) purchases. We’re skipping the little extras, the “wouldn’t that be fun?” items.”

    Amen. We are thinking twice about what we buy. And soon we are going to have to stop thinking the economy can be saved by plastic s–t imported from China. We have to build new infrastructure and think outside the box. (Can you tell I’m reading Colin Beavan’s No Impact Man? It’s a tremendously fabulous book!!)

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