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  1. Miriam

    My boys (17 & 11) don’t have their own cell phones yet. We’ve told them both that they can get their own phones when they can come up with half the original purchase price of the phone and can pay for their own monthly service. They need to share in the responsibility as well as the privilege/convenience. No takers yet.

    No problems so far with inability to contact us when needed. The boys are in Scouts & youth group and there are always others who have phones they can borrow. On occasion, I’ve let my older boy take my phone with him when he’s likely to be in a situation where there won’t be another easily borrowed phone available and I’m going to be home with the landline.

    1. Miriam

      The plus to my sons borrowing friends’ phones is I can then capture friends’ phone numbers and am able to know who is calling my sons or track them down when they’re with said friends.

  2. Stacia

    My two share a phone. We held off until my nearly 13 year old started playing for the school football team (we had budget cuts too, they tried to eliminate 7th grade sports but because the 7th graders are too old for the town football league, they just put them on with the other 8th graders and only got to play other 7th graders for teams where other schools had done this as well). It wouldn’t have been necessary except for my dh working nights and my FIL picking up my son from practice (which gets over at 5) 3 days a week and the schedule, for whatever reason, has the football games on Thursdays (when my dh works) and they have 4 away games (away as in a good 45 minute to 2 hour road trip) and the times they get home varies (I don’t go to the away games, we’re a one vehicle family) so he’ll either text me or call me when they hit the next town over from us so I can call whomever is picking him up (usually FIL) and let them know to meet him at the school.

    We have strict rules we enforce with it though. I monitor ALL of their incoming and outgoing calls (I can check their usage on our cell company’s website, before the bills come out) and they know I have a right to read all of their incoming and outgoing text messages (same with their e-mails (dh is the one that bought them their laptops, which they’re only allowed to use downstairs where we can see what they’re doing when we walk by). I generally don’t but there was one issue last year where what I felt was an adult was e-mailing with my 12 year old claiming to be another kid… they met on one of those “parent’s don’t have to worry, the site is monitored and it’s ALL kids on the message boards”. yeah, uh-huh… the site admins were changing their tune when I sent them the e-mails my son had received)

  3. Jennifer Bingham Hull

    I’m all for delay – if for no other reason than to save money! After all, none of these devices come free, right? And you’re doing fine without them.

    That said, I fought the cell phone battle for several years then finally got one for my 7th grade daughter this fall. And I’ve been really surprised to find how helpful it has been to our ever-changing afternoon carpool. We have 3 kids in it, all with different activities, and her texts help me keep track of these rapidly moving targets.

    We got her a phone without internet access and it’s a prepaid plan. So no data plan is involved. She got a used Blackberry off ebay and t-mobile got it working. We also require her to put it on the counter during homework hours.

    Texting with her has been fun though I was disappointed to find that her first text to me that ended “kk” meant “ok” and not “kiss kiss.” Then again, what was I thinking?

  4. Arianne

    So your seventh grader said they don’t need them, huh? At least now you know that when he *does* need it, he will also be mature enough to handle it :-)

    Also, I think that the picture on this post is just adorable!

  5. Susan

    Here’s a cell phone story for you…..

    This afternoon I took my kids out for lunch. Just before we were about to leave the restaurant, my daughter (who is 13) received a phone call…..from the police. Apparently she had butt-dialed them while her cell phone was in her back pocket. We had to wait in the restaurant parking lot for an officer to come and make sure she was OK (i.e., that I hadn’t kidnapped her). She apologized, and I apologized….we were both so embarrassed! The officer said it happens all the time. I told her no more keeping the cell phone in the back pocket.

    Butt-dialing the police….one less thing to worry about if your kid doesn’t have a cell phone!

  6. Hallie

    I feel the same way. It is a want, not a need. My daughter plays up on a soccer team and those girls all have cell phones and the coach lets her borrow his whenever. She is rarely at a place alone so there has been no need.

    I am considering a standard phone as well, next year, when she goes away for soccer camp. Otherwise, I am in the “no need’ camp!

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