No responses to “The Day Bobby Flay Saved My Marriage”

  1. Christina Almond

    Oh my goodness! That is too cute! Great video…and great story!

  2. Sachia Logan

    Loved it! ; was able to watch it on my phone! I’m gonna try that for dinner this week!

  3. Monica Bhide

    Love, love, love the video. You totally rock!

  4. Arden Greenspan-Goldberg

    Hey sweetie,
    Leave it to you to find a person even better than a marriage counselor to save your marriage.
    You are too funny and I love the recipe as well.
    Manuscript is due in the first week in November, after let’s meet for lunch.
    Hope all is well with you and the family,

  5. Aviva Goldfarb

    what an adorable video, Jen! Looks like such a fun day, too. Glad your marriage is still strong thanks to the mammasaid burgers.

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