19 responses to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: K'nex Motorized Light-Up Ferris Wheel”

  1. Jen Singer

    Random.org picked Cassie! Look for an e-mail from MommaSaid.

    Thanks to everyone for playing so nicely.


  2. karla

    The kids in my child’s science class might actually learn something if I donated this to the tired science teacher. Another way to keep messes at bay, donate to the school!

  3. Bonnie Kenaz-Mara

    Du-Jay and Sagezilla would LOVE this. They’re K’nex kids, tho we don’t have a ferris wheel. We’ve been finding bins of them at the thrift store and they create their own crazy, unique inventions. We also built the pirate ship ride model and that was a huge hit. Du-Jay is home, sick today, so he’d be so cheered up and thrilled to hear we won something!

  4. Jennifer G.

    I’d give this to all three guys in my house: huz and two boys ages almost-5 and almost-7. I know they are too young to build the ferris wheel themselves, but that’s where huz would come in (mechanical engineer). My little guys build with K’nex all the time and they would totally loose their heads if they saw this great toy.

  5. suburbancorrespondent

    I’d give it to my 10-year-old son who dreams in Legos. He loves building things. Plus, he’s really sweet.

  6. Alex Jackson

    I would give it to my 11 yr old daughter who is a genius. She loves building things with knex. She plans on working for NASA as a rocket scientist and as a marine biologist. Had to get some bragging in :).

  7. Kati

    I would give it to my boys! Our neighbors have a K’Nex roller coaster and both boys have been coveting it. Also, my feet have gotten used to stepping on random Lego pieces; I figure this will be a nice change of pace. : )

  8. Arianne

    I would give it to my kids Joseph and Ellie…and their Daddy! The way they bond over the building-type toys is great, and I know they would love love love this.

  9. Janice

    I’d give this to my friend’s son. They are barely building up their new house on 1 income so this would be a welcome surprise gift.

  10. Gina

    I would actually give this to my husband and NOT my 7 yo son! He always wanted these kinds of building toys as a kid but didn’t get them. He’d love to put it together, and he might let me or my son help.

  11. Holly

    I would give this gift to my grandmothers 8yr old foster son. I have two boys of my own but they do not go without out. My grandmothers foster son is returning to his mothers home in a couple of months and they are very short on funds and wants and needs for a lot. I think that this would be great for him to receive a gift and give him something productive to do when there is nothing else.

  12. Rachel

    I would give it to my son, who would share with his cousin, my nephew. They are good buddies despite their four year age difference, and I bet my son could show his cousin a lot of neat things about K’nex!

  13. Cassie

    My 10yo son would LOVE this! He enjoys building the intricate Lego sets and Erector Sets. We don’t have any K’Nex yet.

  14. Rachel Hodges

    My great nephew Konnor would receive this. He is only 2 but he & his daddy would have a grand time putting this together! Konnors mother (my niece) is going through nursing school and her husband is currently unemployed. By the grace of God she has been able so far to meet the financial requirements to continue in this training. Also, by the grace of God they’ve been able to keep lights on and food in their stomachs. Konnor has some toys but he needs ones that spark his creativity also.

  15. Brandie

    I’d so give this to my 10yo. She would have a BLAST building it. Right now all three are very much into building things – with legos, blocks, books even LOL! IF they had something like this, oh my – I think they would all be in heaven watching it, but she would have the most fun building it! =)

  16. The Mommy

    My boys would get this. My boys! When they see something (a toy) that they want – either because someone else has it or they saw a commercial for it – they immediately build it for themselves out of blocks. Cracks me up! The very first thing my Oldest Boy built was a phone – one long block with two smaller ones on each end. He was 2 1/2. {SIGH} I miss those days…

  17. Sara @Doodle741

    I would give it to my oldest son, James, because he loves to build and put things together!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  18. Megan

    I would give the K’Nex to my 6 year old son because he has a basic set and plays with it for HOURS. Every. Single. Day. He, upon being told to PLEASE stop his continual talking and be quiet, began making quiet(er) shooting and revving noises the other day. I’m more than happy to sacrifice my feet to making the discovery of mini light-up(!) creations on the nighttime floor if it means quieter days and peaceful homework time for the 8 year old.

  19. Carrie

    I would give the K’Nex to my four boys because mama needs a break!!! The only time there are no tears, no shoving, no squabbling is when they are industriously bonded together over a million, tiny, interconnecting pieces. You moms know what I mean, those hard plastic buggers that migrate to the hallway sometime in the dead of night to wind up in the sole of our feet? Yeah, those. But I’ll take the pain and incessant clean up if I gain at least ten minutes of peaceful, brotherly solidarity. Forget Calgon; K’Nex, Take Me Away!

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