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  1. Jen Singer

    Sachia, you won!

    Look for an e-mail from us.

    There’ll be more chances to win later this week.

    Thanks for playing so nicely everyone.

  2. Kim Misenheimer

    I Love the Toy Story movies. When my son was 2 he would sit with his Woody doll and play for hours and watch the movies over and over. I for myself like Dianna love The Fox and the Hound. It was the first movie I got to go to in the theaters with my best friend Kelly when it first came out. Does that show my age? :)

  3. Gigi Thorsen

    Like the comment above, I have a couple of favorites: from my youth, Mary Poppins, and from my daughters’, Beauty and the Beast.

  4. Dianna Smoljan

    Tough question — in general I am a huge fan of Disney movies…but I have different favorites from different phases of my life…The Fox and the Hound (my son was a toddler), the Little Mermaid (my daughter), Cars (two jr. high kids watching the video and helping put up Christmas decorations but spellbound…) and Remember the Titans.

  5. Sachia Logan

    We like the Incredibles!

  6. Dawn Sandomeno

    Yes, I cried and laughed and really enjoyed watching the true story of Penny Chenery – a housewife that truly rocked!

  7. karla

    oops “Let’s hear it”

  8. karla

    I still love Mary Poppins. Let’s here it for the people who take care of our kids when we can’t!

  9. Shelley

    Favorite Disney Movie……Pooh’s Heffalump Movie!!!

  10. The Mommy

    I love all things Disney, but I have to agree. It gets kind of annoying when there aren’t really any strong mothers in their movies (although there are a lot of, uh, “strong” stepmoms;) Hey, I just thought of a few: The Incredibles (Elastagirl does kick some Syndrome hiney) and Dumbo. OK. That one might be a stretch, but still.

    My all-time favorite Disney movie is Aladdin. When I was single and childless that movie would cheer me up on even the worst days. It sort of freaks my kids out that I have the dialogue (and all of the soundtrack) memorized…

  11. Rachel Whitten

    I love Swiss Family Robinson!

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