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  1. Alissa J. Degreenia

    I was never contacted, or received any messages via email or facebook. Im actually just finding this now :( Too bad, we would have love to win this!

  2. Jen Singer

    Random.com picked Adrea Murray! Check your email for our information on the prize.


  3. Jen Singer

    Last chance Alissa: We have tried to contact you several times. Please answer our e-mails to you by Tuesday, September 28th at noon ET to claim your prize, or we have to pick someone else!



  4. Jen Singer

    Random.org picked Alissa Degreenia!

    Congrats, and thanks for playing so nicely.

    This Friday’s giveaway will be from Knex, so make sure you stop back for your chance to win. And of course, visit MommaSaid for laughs and a pat on the back.


  5. Lana

    We are potty training right now and my toddler often forgets he has to go so the mess is probably the hardest part.

  6. Janice

    wow, what a nice giveaway!! :D

    I’d put in lots of family and friend photos! :)

  7. Erin

    After having such a knock-down, drag out struggle with my twin boys, then a stubborn-fest while sleep deprived from baby #4 with my daughter, and then enduring bedwetting that is still a nightly issue with two 9 year-olds and 6 year old…. my biggest potty obstacle was getting the courage to even start with #4. I waited until he was 3+, then gave him some Thomas the Tank Engine underwear and told him he could wear them as long as he could keep them clean (a tactic that didn’t work on the older siblings, I might add). The boy was clean and dry from day one and NEVER wet the bed. #5 was similar a year later, though it took maybe a month for her to be totally accident free.
    Maybe I filled my potty stress quota on the first 3.

    I can add what I would take pics of: just about everything. My navy husband is starved for pics of us doing anything.

  8. Felicia @fce431

    The hardest part of potty training my son was his stubborness. He did not want to sit on the potty and would not go in the potty. He would sit there and say he didn’t have to go and once he got off he would go in his underwear. It was really frustrating but thankfully one day I found him in the bathroom on the potty and he looked at me and told me he was going potty. I guess he was finally ready.
    If I won the flip cam I would put an image of my family on it.

  9. Heather

    We are approaching the potty training age and I have to say that I am not yet dreading it! I find the potty training boot camp advice to be really amusing. With a flip cam to capture all of the insanity would make it even better! I am sure that when we are in our elbows in misguided peepee & poopoo I will not find it so funny.

    Also – our Halloween is coming up! How great to capture the grandparents carting our little toddler around dressed as a puppy!

  10. Adrea Murray

    I think the hardest part for me is getting my son to tell me when he needs to go potty. He is special needs so he has some developmental delays. He hasn’t quite gotten down that when he gets that feeking he needs to let someone know so we can take him. I basically just have to guess or take him after meals and drinks and before and after bed. I think that would be the hardest part for me.

  11. Amy Hanel

    The hardest part of potty training it getting started. I have the funniest little boy, but some days he trys to go to the potty, and other days he just doesn’t care. I think a flipcam would be wonderful so that the moments when he runs to me and tells me he needs to go potty, or many of the many wonderful things that he will discover as he grows everyday. My family may not win and that is okay because this experience we go through as we potty train is something that will be one of a kind.

  12. Sara @Doodle741

    How awesome!!!

    I would video my kiddos doing all the fun things they do!

    My oldest is potty trained, and when he was ready, he didn’t look back. They youngest is not quite 2 and he is almost ready. He tells us he has to go – so I think the hardest thing will be going overnight!

  13. Alana Peterson

    Hardest part of potty training was waiting… being patient with my kids and not expecting them to do it the first time, then every time.

  14. Leah Snyder

    boy oh boy, the hardest thing about potty training my son is that he has suspected apraxia (your brain tells your body a message and essentialy your body gets the wrong message) My son has a hard time communicating that he has to go….we have has successfull pees however he outright refused to go #2 in a potty!!! We have been wearing pull ups since july and we absolutly love them! My son just started preschool and I would love to be able to have his momments video taped!!!..If we won the flip cam I would have nothing but incredible family memories recorded.

  15. Deanna

    The hardest part of potty training is my son’s school. He is in the ESE Pre-K program and they send him home every day in a Pull-Up!! He is at the point where at home he wear underwear all day and I was about to start potty training my youngest. He wears Pull-Ups and takes them off as soon as he uses it, but with my oldest son’s school sending his training backwards (he has had many more accidents since starting school) I cannot handle training two… So for now my youngest is still wearing Pull-Ups, but potty training is on hold. If I were to win the camera the image on it would be my boys and husband. My husband is about to deploy so I could record some video of them for the boys to see and record everything for hubby!!

  16. Courtney Bailey

    The hardest part about pottytraining to to me is getting them to tell you when they need to go. My son will go potty everytime I take him, but I have to constantly remind him. He has yet to tell me when he thinks he needs to go. Of course the image I would choose for the flipcam would be my two gems, my almost 3 year old little boy, and my 6 month old baby girl.

  17. Tiffany Reyes

    I feel the hardest part about potty training is when I am out and about with my 3 yr old son & 13 mos. old daughter, to get him on the potty while keeping them both entertained. Especially if I didn’t bring the dbl. stroller for a quick trip in the store. We all know how easy that is,holding a squirmy child while putting the other on the potty… When at home he still insists finding a corner or secluded place behind something and going #2 in his pullup. His famous words are when going, “Don’t check me Mom!” He knows when he is going but won’t tell me. I have tried every advice been given. He has started preschool,so hopefully seeing that the other kids are wanting to go potty,he will also. The image on my flipcam if I won would definately be my son and daughter!

  18. Arianne

    Every potty-training kid reaches the point where they “get it”–they are excited and proud to go, and mommy is relieved. But I think that the hardest part of potty training is when the novelty wears off (“Wait…You mean I have to do this every day FROM NOW ON?”) and there is a new (long) round of accidents.

    And I have to say that my Flipcam would be used to capture all the important moment’s in our lives. I just took my oldest to Kindergarten (a huge step for him *and* me), and we don’t currently have a camera. I had to take pictures with my phone, which just doesn’t cut it ;)

  19. Lisa Perry

    Hardest part? Fighting the urge to potty train before they’re ready! (Thanks to all those well meaning grandparents and friends who have the kid who does it at, like, 15 months.) And then working through the regression phases… that start the first time you put undies on for an outing!

    What image? If I won this, it would without a doubt be of my son celebrating going “poopy” on the potty!! (“You want to see yourself on TV? Yeah?! Then go poopy on the potty!!! We’ll send it to Grandma and Grandpa!!”

  20. Shaun

    Since I’m a dad the worst part was trying to make my little girl understand that dads stand and girls sit and she couldnt do it the same way. I’ve given up and let mom or grandma take over most times&just take care of number 2s. with my camera i’d take picture of our first trip to wisconsin dells coming this thanksgiving!

  21. Sachia Logan

    As a survivor of potty training x 3…with 4th impending in a year or so. The invention of automatic flushing potties was our downfall…when I learned the trick of carrying post it notes that you can cover the sensor up with while they are pottying…and then remove when they are done. Shew that was a great trick I learned. The portable potties that you put in the back of your car for that just passed the last rest stop for 100 miles and suddenly I have to potty right now…and your a girl and have not mastered any other way but just using a potty.
    I have 4 children and the antics they do would never be believed if I didnt have a picture to show someone that yes they indeed really did it.

  22. The Mommy

    The hardest part about potty training was knowing when to start…and when to take a break and try again. Sometimes kids just don’t “go” by the book. And sometimes kids write their own book! I’ve done this three times so far (with a 4th coming up through the ranks) and every.single.kid was different – 2 boys and a girl (the 4th is also a girl). The BEST part about potty training was the fantastic poop stories that I’ve gotten (the best was our WDW trip when my Oldest Boy was 3). And of course, being DONE (I know you didn’t ask this, but I wanted the other moms to know/remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel:))

    PS Where do you post your winners?

  23. Tara

    The hardest part for me is keeping it fun. I always have to remind myself to relax and make it fun for her or shes not gonna want to go.
    I’d capture my 2 together if i got the flip cam, my LO is 18 months and I’m 30 weeks pregnant

  24. Marcela Shine

    For us, the hardest part about potty training was also knowing when to start. WE are certainly ready, and some books said to start as early as 9 months. When our son was between 4 – 7 months, he was like clockwork AND would make specific noises when he was getting ready to poop. I thought potty training was going to be easy because of his signs. Well as he got closer to 8 months, the noises stopped as did the schedule! We’ve had a few middle of the night poos AND he is super quiet about it during the day. Now only the smell gives him away. We’d love to use the flip to make it easier to chase him around the house and capture those quick moments you can’t catch with a bigger and more complicated camera!

  25. Mrscountrypopo

    I’m on number 4 for potty training and she the stubbornest! lol She’s 4 and I have tried all my tricks and still nope. She knows when she has to go but its like she bored and just doesnt want to use the potty. I keep telling her she cant go to school til she uses the potty but that doesnt faze her lol

  26. Yvonne

    The hardest part about potty training my 2 1/2 yr old son is to get him to pee standing up like his daddy. He has been potty training for like 5 mos now and whenever I would have him try to do it he gets scared and cries. I’ve been asking around on what I can do to get him to stand up like a big boy and not be scared. I love for my husband to do it, but he’s in the military and he’s been pretty busy to help him and get comfortable. I want to help him get comfortable and not be scared to go potty standing. If I win the Flip camera it would be great for me to use and film my kids whenever my hubby leaves for deployment so that he can see whatever they’re doing while he’s not home. And also for our son’s success with his potty training!

  27. karla

    The hardest part of potty training is the hardest part of all parenting…patience.

  28. Wendy Enfrnger

    The hardest thing about potty training at my house is that my 3 yr old has zero interest in going to poo in the potty! He will peepee all day, but you can forget the other! He has done it 2-3 times and was thrilled with himself when he did, but just won’t have it now. No idea!! As for the flip camera, I would document all of the wonderfully special moments with my kids that seem to be slipping by everyday. I simply ca’t believe how big they are and how smart! How wonderful a gift to be a mom!

  29. Mary Ellen Davison

    The hardest part of potty training is that our daughter has 2 year old twin grandsons, and even though they are double fun, they are just talking about potty and not really interested in using their potty…so it’s twice as hard. A flip camera might just be what is needed to show them when they successfully go potty how proud everyone is and then they might “perform” for the camera.

  30. Kathryn Arnold

    The hardest part of potty training is rembering telling my daughter every 30 mins. Also finding the right potty that my daughter would go on

  31. Brandy Thompson

    The hardest part about potty training my daughter was moving 10 hours away in the middle of it! We had to scrap the whole thing and start over a few months later. The image I would put on my flipcam would be my daughter holding her new sibling in a few months! I can’t wait to see what an awesome big sister she’ll be!

  32. Amanda Crabtree

    The hardest part is keeping him from using his pull ups for giggles. He loves to potty on his potty, but he also enjoys peeing in pull ups to watch the patern disapear! Its funny to him. We just switched back to diapers and he is doing MUCH better with the training. If I would win the camera, I would use it to document everything with my son. His special occations, special messages, and just everyday fun moments for me and him to remember.

  33. Amanda Chandler

    The hardest part about potty training is remembering to tell my daughter to go! I have three children and one of them is an infant, so my time is really limited and I always forget to put her on the potty. An Igophone would be great to help us both remember, plus it might help encourage her to go potty on her own, because she LOVES using the cell phone.

  34. Julia W.

    The hardest part about potty training was ME. I was not ready to let go of my “baby” girl and move on the the “big girl” part of her life. But once I decided to put on my big girl panties and make this step – well, giant leap actually – it went well for us. She is still working on it and we have the occasional accident, but overall, I’m glad that my little girl is growing up to be an independent little person.

  35. Erica Smith

    The hardest part of potty training for me is remembering to remind him to go! This is our third child to go through potty training but this little guy has always been so independent, and done so well with very little reminding, then my 5yr old started school and little man has been backsliding, hes after all of my attention now that he is finally the only child at home with mommy. So now getting myself back into remind him all the time mode has been a bit of a struggle!
    The image I would put on my camera would be of my boys hugging, we have a great shot of them hugging each other that we just love.

  36. Melissa McClellan

    Potty training the first 4 wasn’t too bad till our daughter came along born with development delay and on the Autism Spectrum. We continue to struggle to get her to try to get out of her pullups, and nite time diapers. But it’s sheer delight when her face lights up and she realizes she had gone on the potty. I would love to catch the image of her throwing her arm’s up in the air and doing a little dance cause she actually stay dried and clean for the first time. The hardest part is that she doesn’t realize that she potty’s in her pullup’s and needs to be change. I can’t wait when we get to that moment when it clicks that she can get potty trained, and be a big girl now!

  37. Jocelyn

    My biggest struggle with potty training my daughter is her reluctance to go for Mommy or Daddy. She is practically potty trained at daycare, but won’t even allow either of us to put her on the potty! If we were to win the Flip camera my favorite things to shoot would be her everyday trouble-making business… whether its getting into the diaper cream or just a sloppy lunch. I love the candids!

  38. Angie MacFarland

    The hardest part of potty training is getting my 4 year old daughter to actually sit on the toilet. She refuses to even try to sit, she knows what to do, knows what the feeling in her body mean, but just will not go in the potty. I have tried everything, rewards, candy, stickers, toys, praise, nothing works. It’s just so frustrating, she’s being held back from pre-k because she is not potty trained. The next step with her will be going to see a specialist. They are concerned because if she wears underware then she holds it 6-10 hours or even longer until she cannot hold it no more.
    What would I do with the camera, I would use it to capture everyday blessing with my kids. That and maybe the 1st potty experience with my daughter, then my son.

  39. Allison Stanton

    The hardest part was waiting until he was ready otherwise it was a power struggle with him. I would put lots of images of my two boys on it! Would love a Flipcam :)

  40. Brandi Wilson

    The hardest part I would say is cleaning the dirty underwear. My kids never really wore pull-ups, except at night. They’d use the pull-up like a diaper….and pull-ups are more expensive than diapers. I do have to say my second child (girl) was a lot easier to potty train than my first (boy).

  41. Kristina C.

    The hardest thing about potty training my 3 year old daughter so far is her stubbornness. She’s a very strong willed and stubborn child. So if she doesn’t want to go (no matter what you try and bribe her with), she will not go. Reason why we’re late on the potty training train, so to speak. lol.

    What I would put on the flip cam is documentation of my daughter/our family. We always like to go on mini little family trips for the day on the weekends and so many times I wish I was able to record the things we do. And of course my daughter alone because some of the things she does are soooooo funny that I would love to film them and share it with all my friends. Hard to do with a cell phone that only allows 30 seconds of video and most of my friends not having picture messaging. :]

  42. Alissa Degreenia

    Everything is hard! all of it! although our two yr old is doing so well at it! dry all day!!!!

  43. Laurie

    I’m just now potty training and so far the hardest thing is getting my lil one to wear the pullups! lol I was all worried about how I was gonna start the process and when I finally derived at a plan, it was the pullups! He doesn’t want them on, so right now, I’m just getting him comfortable with the idea of wearing them. As for the image I would capture, well, it would have to be his excitment and joy from my praise that he will receive when he finally uses the “big potty”! =) Good luck everyone!

  44. Tina C

    I’m still in the process of Potty Training with 2 very stubborn twin boys. I’m having the most difficult time with getting them to do number 2 in the potty. I know that once they get it…things will be good, but right now, it’s just taking forever. If I were to win the Flipcam, I know I would come up with an awesome image of my boys on it!

  45. Joanne

    The hardest part of potty training was for the first few weeks that my daughter started we really couldn’t go anywhere. We had to be 2 feet away from the potty at all times. Boy was my daughter glad when she was done potty training. She missed going to the park.

  46. Solange

    The hardest part was the constant running after my son with the potty and explaining over and over that big boys go potty! It was really hard when you have a premature baby to take care and you are trying to change diapers to 1 baby not 2. I will put on my flipcam the images of my 3 beautiful kids.

  47. Darcey

    The hardest part of potty training for me is to get my youngest son to be consistent. Sometimes he goes to the potty, and sometimes he doesn’t. And of course when we leave the house, and have to find a bathroom FAST. I’d use the Flip to take videos of my oldest son’s soccer and t-ball games, and my youngest son’s dancing! :)

  48. Christina D

    The hardest part is getting started with my 2 1/2 year old. He is very picky about clothing and even diapers at this age and just wants to do things his way.

  49. Shannon Collar

    The hardest part for potty training for me, is trying to get Drew to tell us he has to go. It’s definately not something to rush, we’ve been practicing on and off for a year… and it was totally up to him to want to get serious. We’ve switched to cheaper diapers thinking those would let him feel “wet”, but they haven’t helped. It’s all about patience.

    Images on the flipcam if we could win it, would be Drew telling us knock-knock jokes.

  50. Amy Kelly

    Heh…the hardest part of potty training is when the kids are in the middle of something they’re engrossed in – and they just can’t be bothered to either GO to the potty – or even tell us they’ve had an accident! Argh! We’re in the middle of it right now….with TWO – Lordy, give me strength! LOL!

  51. Susanne Crihfield

    The hardest part about potty training for us has been trying to have consistency between home and daycare. Our daughter has a routine she is comfortable with at home — stickers (everything from stars to Cookie Monster), ring insert in the potty (soft and comfortable!), her stuffed animal friends to do the ‘potty dance’ with her when she goes. We are moving right along at home. But at daycare she has been afraid of the potty and distracted. Some tears and hugs. The daycare teachers are great, but they have 15 other little ones to look after too! So, we are keeping up with the encouragement and letting her lead the way. The BEST part about potty training was kicking off with the arrival of the “Big Girl Fairy” — just a print out I found of a cartoon fairy with a wand and a cheerful expression. We cut out and taped the Big Girl Fairy to the side of her crib, put one on the drawer to her Pull Ups and put one next to the potty. When she woke up, we announced that the Big Girl Fairy had arrived and it was time to change from diapers to big girl PullUps. She was thrilled. Still today, 5 months later on our potty training journey, she points to the Big Girl Fairy and says “Abigail can do it!” If we were to win the flip camera, I would use it to capture more of those types of expressions. She’ll be two in a couple weeks, so I know the year ahead will be full of fun moments to look back on!

  52. Elain Ponce De Leon

    The hardest part of potty training is consistently remembering to take her to the potty. She was good for a little while coming to me to tell me see had to pee and poop but now she has regressed so I’m having to constantly remember to take her to the potty to pee. I have to catch her when she goes to hide to poop, so I can sit her on the potty. If I won the Flip, I would put an image of all my kids on it!

  53. Mama Robyn b.

    The hardest part about potty training for us was ME remembering to tell my little guy to go to the bathroom. I was having to set an egg timer to remind me every 2 hours that he needed to go try to go potty. Also if I were to win the flip camera I would use it to document the newest addition to our family my second child born 3 weeks ago today.

  54. Elizabeth GoHary

    The hardest part about potty training for me is when we leave the house and have to try and find a bathroom fast. Definitely the image on my Flipcam would be of my sweet little son.

  55. SuZ

    I think the hardest part of potty training was for me waiting for her to be ready. I tried to potty train her a dozen times before she was ready (she had met all the “requirements” to be ready, she just wasn’t ready herself), and I was so anxious and nervous about it and spent all day chasing her around with a potty that it drove both of us crazy.

    Finally, I gave up and let her take the lead… and once she did, she trained herself in ONE DAY! I swear to it. :)

  56. Tricia

    Not quite to the potty training yet…we’re still in the stage where our little one showers both mom and dad (and his own face sometimes!) during diaper changes. But, we’ll be there before too long. Lots of firsts coming up…so that’s what I would try to capture with my FlipCam. First steps, first word, first time standing on his own, and many other things. He may be our only…so we want to capture as much as possible!

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