Read Blogs Not Books

bookmarkI found this bookmark in a museum gift shop and I just had to buy it. The blogger in me was insulted, but the author inside thought it was HI-larious.

But the truth is, I think we should read both, and not just because I write both. I believe that a steady diet of all sorts of writing is good for the soul, especially if that writing doesn’t involve four exclamation points in a row or the improper use of “it’s” and “your” (as in “Your right. The dog ate it’s food!!!!”)

There are tons of well written blogs and of course, well written books. But there’s a lot of dreck in both; it just costs a lot more to make a god-awful book.

After nearly eight years of blogging and six years as an author, I can attest that every blogger dreams of being an author, but authors generally don’t dream of being bloggers. The funny thing is, writing and sustaining a good blog for years is far more difficult than writing a book. Yet, writing a book can bring on more praise and recognition and yet, also way more disappointment and public humiliation. Go figure.

It does, however, take a lot longer to write a book, and I am currently 72,000 words into my sixth book, a memoir called, “If Cancer is a Gift, Where Can I Return it?” That’s longer than any (lighthearted parenting advice) book I’ve written, and I’m still a good 30,000 words from finishing it.

So I’m going to stop blogging for the day and start writing the next chapter in my book. I hope only that you’ll read both. I’m so excited about it, I could use an exclamation point, or four.

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  1. Karen Nagy

    Hi Jen

    I totally agree about blogging and authoring, I have always wanted to write, ended up writing technical articles and then the twins interrupted life as I knew it, but pleasantly.

    I hope you are feeling better these days, my good friend who is around 46 is battling ovarian cancer, but her positive attitude is helping her get through it.

    You have such amazing insight and humor into so much, thanks for making my day lighter. Take care

    Karen Nagy

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