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  1. Richelle Taylor Krzak

    It’s bittersweet. I just had a similar experience parting with my kids at daycare. We did a 180-turn from meltdown and crying to running in the clasroom and barely waving goodbye. Sad

  2. Jennifer Margulis

    I have such mixed feelings about my kids going back to school. Today was so bittersweet. I can’t believe the first time yours were in school at the same time was when the planes crashed into the twin towers. That must have been so hard. This post was great fun to read — in a happy sad, sad happy way!

  3. Karen Nagy

    I love the article and especially love the pictures, that’s hilarious. How do you think of such funny stuff. I am enjoying my cleared off counters while the kids are back in school. I just love reading your writing.

  4. Dawn Sandomeno

    I loved reading this !

  5. Stacia

    I get to have a day like that tomorrow…. different schools, different times (for the last time… starting next year they’ll both be in the same schoolf or a year and then when oldest boy goes to high school, still same start and end times… but won’t matter much since the schools are right next door to each other) but less hassle… mainly thanks to football practice that runs every night until 5 while youngest gets out at 3 :)

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