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  1. Sarah Welch

    Jen, what a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it – and the song. You were right…huge lump in the throat.

  2. Dawn Sandomeno

    You’re so right Jen, we all meet up at the top and our journeys are different. I love how you always get the message . You took joy in letting your family be strong for you and brought joy to your Aunt by being strong and visiting her. Strength comes in many forms. You are special and strong – I loved reading this post, it will linger with me.

  3. Barb

    Lovely post, lovely song, Mohonk is a lovely place and I will keep your Aunt in lovely thoughts.

  4. Donna

    She is like a mom to me. my heart is sad for the whole family. I cry every time I think of her . She is a beautiful and courageous women. I just can’t imagine what my closest friend of 33 years ( her daughter) is going through. I love that family like they are my own. Jen I am sure they are truly grateful for your support wisdom and laughter.

    1. Jen Singer

      Donna, I know you are a big help to my cousin at this horrible time. I will see her tomorrow, though we’ve been talking on the phone every few days. Cancer sucks.

  5. Rachel W.

    What a lovely post Jen. I love Mohonk, though not the scary climbs. How beautiful – literally and metaphorically to know your loved ones have got your back. xo Rachel

  6. Jen

    Life is so full of ups and downs. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. It’s a blessing that she has such a loving, dedicated family. That’s such great news about your test result! It must be hard to experience such sadness and relief simultaneously.

    Love this song…it was actually the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. It’s not really the best dance song but the words can’t be beat. Of course we’re from Jersey. ;-)

  7. Kathy Morelli

    Jen – Wonderful post. and so sorry about your aunt. glad to hear about your GREAT news.

  8. Rachel Dickinson

    So sad about your aunt, Jen. She’s lucky to have you and your family. And, like Kris, the Mohonk Mountain House is one of my favorite places and, no, you wouldn’t find me on the Labyrinth or among any of those bouldery paths. Great shot from the top.

  9. Kristin Ohlson

    Such a moving post, Jen. And…coincidentally–Mohonk Mountain House is one of my favorite places and If I Should Fall Behind is one of my favorite songs. So glad for the news on your scan and so sorry about your aunt.

  10. Sheila Callahan

    Awesome news. And as a Jersey girl who never really “got” Springsteen until recently, wonderful song.

    Listening in Warsaw, cheering you on.

  11. Ginny Williams

    I was out at the mall this morning, and driving home I started to think of a dear friend of mine who lost her battle with cancer 5 years ago, and how much I miss her. I thought about all the things she never got to see: her son’s wedding, her baby granddaughter who was named for her. I thought about all the things her children will do in this life without her and how much so very many people miss her.

    Then I came home and read this post, and listened to Bruce, and I’m crying now. I’m so sorry about your aunt, and so glad you have had good news. Life is all about the bitter and the sweet, always. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Dara Chadwick

    What a lovely post, Jen (and a great song, too). Congratulations on your clean bill of health, and may it be that way for a long, long time.

  13. Kris Spurley

    Lump. Throat. Tears. Thank you, Jen.

  14. Kristy

    I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. :( I lost my father nine years ago to colon cancer, and you’re right. You need that support from your family. I just want to also take this opportunity to thank you for all your insight and, for even in your darkest days, helping me to see things in a more positive way as far as parenting goes. You have such a gift, and I’m so glad you are still around to share it. :)

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