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  1. Erica Manfred

    I hate to lose friends, but then I am old enough to be your mom, or possibly grandmom. At my age it’s not so easy to find new ones. Friends are precious and I try to hang on to them. Sometimes it’s not possible but I always mourn the loss.

  2. Gwen

    This is hard for me. I know we can’t keep everyone in our lives, but I hate letting people go. It’s important to have people who share our history. Who stays and who goes? On the other hand, I have had people who were in my life for a definite purpose. That can usually only be seen in hindsight. Great post, Jen. Lots to ponder.

  3. Brunch101

    People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime! ~author unknown
    I guess your friend was there for a reason!!

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