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  1. Jen Singer


    That’s good to hear. I see too many boys in particular being forced to not be themselves at a very young age.

    Around here, we allow the water gun fights (outside, please) and today, I let the kids borrow my Flipcam so they can film “Ming Warriors vs. US Army” in the backyard with friends.

    I truly believe that it’s okay to let kids be kids and to adjust the way you work so it suits you. I’m glad to see that it works for you.

  2. Jevon

    I do have what I consider a form ADHCIT, hyperactivity…have had it my whole life. Thanks to fantastic (forward thinking) parents, who refused to “treat” me, I’ve learned to use it to my advantage. Albeit, my friends love to hear stories of my youth, when my father observed me bounce on a mini-tramp every morning before school:) Now I wake up at 5am to play basketball most mornings…helps me deal/stay focused at my desk, and not bouncing off the walls come post lunch. Thanks for sharing such a great post, Jen.

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