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  1. Jen Singer chose #7, so Bridget, you win!

    Congrats and thanks to everyone for playing so nicely.

    We’re taking a break next week from Freebie Friday. Instead, you will be able to watch special installments of the new MommaSaid’s Hall of Shame. Tune in!


  2. Janice

    I go nuts over double standards – someone can criticize you for something & they’ll do the exact same thing. ARGH! (though I agree with Allison’s comment also)

  3. Lisa Perry

    I go nuts when people ask you opinion, and you think you’re in for a healthy debate/good discussion, and it turns out they’re just out to prove you wrong!

  4. Sara

    I am a Cashew!

    The thing that drives me nuts is being interupted!

  5. gwendolyn alley

    I go nuts when my husband and I can’t complete a sentence much less a conversation without hearing “Mom! Mom! Mom!” or “Dad! Dad! Dad!”

  6. Bridget Gosch

    I can’t stand it when I go out of my way to help people and they don’t even give me so much as a thank you – let alone help me out when I need it!

  7. Lucy Held

    It drives me crazy when people talk and text on their cell phone while driving! Oprah is doing a great job spreading the word about how dangerous this is!

  8. Allison Mosele

    It drives me nuts when I clean the house all day and it takes just 5 minutes to mess it up!!!

  9. Gina Bucciferro

    I go nuts when people do NOT use their turn signals when’s dangerous for them and everyone else around.

  10. Theresa G

    It drives me nuts when people give unsolicited advice that I KNOW is wrong/outdated.

  11. Emily

    IT DRIVES ME CRAZY when i tell my kids to do something and they have an attitude and say they’re gonna do it then, two hours later, IT STILL AINT DONE!!!! the nerve of those little leeches :)

  12. Angie Bailey

    I go nuts when people smack their gum and blow bubbles very loudly constantly for hours at a time (I have a co-worker that occasionally does this, lol).

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