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  1. Stacia

    You aren’t kidding. My boys have always been pretty good… when the aggression started we signed them up for sports but the huge change came when their older brother moved out and they each had their own bedrooms… their own space to be themselves and get away from each other, even if it’s just across the hall. We do still have the occasional battle of “get out of my room!” and “stop throwing your crap in my room!” when they’re supposed to be cleaning their bedrooms but the funniest thing is that even though they now have their own space, they actually spend MORE time together, but it’s of their own choosing. Now at nearly 13 (13 next week) and 10 1/2 it’s nice to see hints of who they’ll be later on in their lives.

    Do I miss those baby days? Sometimes… then I look at pictures from when they were babies… and realize just how many of the youngest are from the middle of the night… when he wouldn’t sleep…. and just as he would FINALLY settle down (colic! AUGH!) his brother, then 2, would be up for the day…. There are even some of the boys when they’re both bright eyed and bushy tailed in the late afternoon and there I am, exhausted and unsure if I even had a chance for a shower that day. If that’s not enough to cure the “baby bug”, I call up my oldest stepson and arrange to have his two little girls (ages 7 and 2) spend a couple of days with us….

  2. Anne Dullaghan

    These years are some of the best ever! My 14-year-old son is a true joy to be with –our family shares the same twisted sense of humor, we also enjoy watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report together and it’s a blast to watch how he grows creatively with his art (and always a bit surprising as he grows taller and taller every day.) And he tells us he loves us at least once a day — often just out of the blue.

    Forget about sleep, though. A house full of friends and sleepovers all summer has meant many nights where the kids are up till dawn and the parents perform as zombies the rest of the day. Kind of a throwback to old times. Still, such a good time in life to savor.

  3. Gina Bucciferro

    I have 2 girls, ages almost 11 and 12 1/2. I have been a stay home mom for about 10 years and I loved it….but things are different now… on…..It’s kinda cool that we can talk about fashion, sports, movies, books and so many other things together now. We can swap jewelry and sometimes shoes! They ask me stuff like “before you met dad, who did you date?” So, most of the time it’s fun…don’t get me wrong though, I DO miss the days where we just blew bubbles together or baked cookies…or when I read books to them, one after another.
    What I fear is the REAL teenage years of dating, driving, drinking (no!)….so fasten your seatbelts….and enjoy the ride! That’s what I plan on doing.

  4. Lynn Allen

    Oh do I ever hear you! After an aggressive eater that wouldn’t sleep through the night followed 2 years later by Mr. Colicky (who would sleep while his 2 year old brother was tearing through the house and the 2 year old would sleep when the younger was screaming at night!) I am OVER THE MOON now that they’re 12 and 10! They’re also the youngest of FIVE boys (oldest 3 came by marriage, they’re all grown up and out on their own!) so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s NOT a train :)

    They’re polite, helpful, good cooks, and a real pleasure to be around. Just 8 more years until I’m kid free!!!!

  5. Jen Singer

    Oh Robin. I never meant this one to make anyone cry!

    Seriously, I am loving my kids’ ages right now. I watch the Daily Show with my 13-year-old and I coach my 11-year-old’s soccer team. I think these are our best years yet, and I’m having a ball. And not just a soccer ball.

    You will, too.


  6. Lana

    I have been a working mom and a stay at home so I know that stay at home moms don’t have it easy.

    That is awesome and nice to have kids who are helpful. It is nice to see how they mature as well as they get older. It shows the difference between the ones that do not drive their parents nuts and the ones that do. Your son is such a sweetie making you lunch, what a really great kid. And the older one doing the laundry without being told? What great kids you have!

    My son is ten and he amazes me everyday and I know that is the part everyone forgot to mention, how helpful, loving, kind and sweet they become. Of course, it does not mean that they still aren’t kids. The wrestling, the fighting, the eye rolling, teasing – that is what childhood is about.

    Having a toddler at home and a ten year old, I can feel the difference between the two. Often times, it is the toddler driving insane. I don’t miss those days with my older one and I won’t miss them when my toddler is older either.

  7. Robin O'Bryant

    I am bawling. Seriously. The Hubs is getting a vasectomy next month, and I have been really upset about this phase of my life being over. Thank you so much for giving me some much needed perspective that life does indeed keep getting better and that my best years with my kids aren’t close to over. Okay, I’m going to TRY to stop crying now.

  8. Becky

    I completely agree! I have two boys as well (soon to be seventh and fourth graders) and they are both a joy to have around most of the time. And helpful to boot. I feel extremely lucky that things have turned out this way, and we’ll see what happens when the older one turns 13, but I fully expect him to remain a pleasant and decent child. I am looking forward to many years of good conversations and fun with them.

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