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  1. Arden Greenspan-Goldberg

    What a great day for you Jen. You so deserve to get there. Hope you enjoyed the day, Kelly Ripa and a wonderful banana split sundae as well.
    Lots of love from your pal,

  2. Jen Singer

    Thanks all!

    Kris, you speak our language. Too funny!

    Happy 4th everyone.


  3. Kris Spurley

    Home run again, Jen. Or rather, “GOOAAALLL!”

  4. Lanita Moss

    That was AMAZING!!!

  5. Classy Mommy

    Best video ever. Enough said. You rock. I’ve said it before, but you get it better than anyone I know. What a fun day. And you’ve captured exactly how I feel about my life. Thanks for sharing. xo colleen

  6. Jan Udlock

    When I asked you about mom quotes and you helped me tweet my question, I didn’t know I was talking to such a celebrity! Congratulations on all of your success and especially on your good health.

    Loved the video!

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