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  1. Judith

    Hi Jen: These videos are priceless!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the old ones minus the old unmentionable word. See you on facebook!

  2. Kristy

    It’s been awhile since I’ve visited your actual website, but I used to visit frequently when my kids were smaller because I knew I’d get a laugh, and some good advice to boot. The mommalogue was my favorite part of the site. Thank you so much for all that editing. It was worth it! (to me anyway!) :)

  3. Barb

    thanks for the treat of the edited version. One of your videos has stuck with me through the years…One where you tell parents on the sidelines to Ssshhh! Zip it! I was so able to identify.

    Nice video camera by the way. You weren’t joking when you said “crappy webcam.” Ha.

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