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  1. Jen Singer chose #7 so Sachia wins!

    Check back this Friday when the prize involves S’mores. Mmmmm.

    Thanks for playing so nicely.


  2. Kirsten Branch

    Now having had my second baby, what I notice and love is how he is so uniquely “himself” even at this early stage and with a pretty bossy older sibling (and mommy). I don’t know why it amazes me so much, but it does.

  3. The Mommy

    My baby (13-months-old). Ah, the sweetness that is our littlest one! My favorite thing (even though it occasionally drives me batty) is taht she has to snuggle my hair to fall asleep. It means I’m her comfort thing. Unfortunately, it means I’M HER COMFORT THING. But it’s my favorite.

  4. Sachia Logan

    My baby is loving and sweet and loves to give kisses. Baby kisses are the best. He also tends to wear all his emotions on his face and you can see exactly what he is thinking by just looking at him.

  5. Tamlyn

    Everything! Ok, almost everything. He’s very patient for a toddler. He bites noses very gently to show affection. He dances and claps and tries to sing to his favorite songs. He’s almost 15 months old, what’s not to love?

  6. Lana

    My little guy (22 months) is feisty and confident. No matter how many falls, cuts, bruises, and even a broken arm, he continues to be strong, confident, busy and strong-willed.

  7. Erica conroy

    I love the way my daughter smiles when she is sleeping bc that means she is having happy dreams!

  8. Jacki P

    I love every moment with my kids! Each and every phase has brought so many smiles to my life. Shariing exercise together is just another wonderful way to bond together!

  9. kate

    I love how my littlest baby makes everyone smile. Even complete strangers stop all the time to talk to her and she gives them her big smile. It makes the day of plenty of people and that is a neat feeling!!

  10. stephanie

    i love my babies{twins} because each day is different, each moment they seem to be changing. I look at them and cannot believe they started with such a fight to survive{5 weeks early} sometimes you have to step back {no matter how exhausted you maybe} breathe and see the wonderful miracles I/we have……sometimes its too mind blowing to put into words…..i never thought i could Love with so much passion…..

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