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  1. Bobbie Perkins

    Glad to be of service. I just read that Chocolate Milk is now in as a “good” food.
    See, Everything comes around again. Just think, Big Macs will be on the high part of the food chain in 20 years. I will still stick to my peanut butter and jelly just in case it comes back as a “good” food. Mom

  2. La Bella Baskets

    Everything is just the way it should be. You have a connection with readers that most others will never achieve.

  3. Karen Bannan from NaturalAsPossibleMom

    I sorta get the competition thing. We all want to succeed. With blogging sometimes the only remuneration we get is retweeted posts and more Twitter followers. (BTW, Jen: closing in on 10k followers is amazing!)

    So yes, I blog because I love it and it keeps me sane. But I also blog because it makes me feel good when people leave comments or traffic goes up. I can’t help it, I guess. I’m just human.

  4. Meagan Francis

    Jen, I wish you had gotten that TV show, but I have no doubt that there is something else out there for you–maybe something even bigger and better.

    I’ve also always loved to write. I’ve been sort of reluctantly sucked into the “business’ side of blogging, because I used to always think of blogging as something I did purely for the fun and joy of it, which was a little different from my magazine and book work which of course I also enjoy but have to do a certain way so I can pay the bills. But the publishing world has changed, and as a result, I am starting to think of blogging more strategically. Not as a competition though. we are all so different, I can’t imagine who my direct competitors would be. It’s more a matter, I think, of like-minded bloggers grouping together and sharing audiences. Kind of like how a thriving business district is good for all the businesses in it, because they give people a reason to keep coming back whether they’re looking for a fancy meal, a hot dog, a book, or a unique gift. A thriving downtown area has a specific flavor and the businesses complement one another but don’t necessarily directly compete. That’s kind of how I view blogging. I just hope I’m not the hot dog.

  5. BigMamaCass

    It certainly seems to be luck of the draw when it comes to blogging!

  6. jennyonthespot

    The competition thing? Dunno… don’t get it. We are just tryin’ to get by… I love what you said, “I have found that when I write well and write often, some of [that] just comes with the territory anyhow.” – meaning the opportunities…

    I think many are in it for the “perks”, not really thinking about the effort and time that goes into writing well, writing consistently… creating a space that reflects the author and not a business… but can pull off a little bidness… I lose focus… And I would LOVE the TV show… something I would want… but my heart is in the writing and the community I have been blessed with as a result of finding this space. This is my true love…

  7. Jen Singer

    Thanks so much Beth.

    Beth is referring to the great book she edited, “See Mom Run.”

    It’s filled with funny essays from great writers like Beth.

  8. Beth

    You are so on the money and I feel fortunate that you shared your amazing gift for humor writing in See Mom Run too. You are one of the best humor writers I’ve ever met and trust me, having worked on reality shows, 15 minutes is not all that it’s cracked up to be. When brands are falling over backwards over the Real Housewives, you kind of have to do a gut check and say – I’d so rather be watching my kids play baseball and softball then be a part of train wreck TV. Keep up the great work as a writer, mom and soccer coach and always focus on the craft. In fact, I’m thinking I may want to take a creative writing course so I can pen a novel – or just open a flower shop. Maybe it’s write a novel about a flower shop. As long as I’m having fun doing it, who really cares anyway?

  9. Ginny Williams

    Love this!

  10. MaNiC MoMMy

    Yay Jenn!!!

  11. MaNiC MoMMy

    YAY JEN!!!

  12. Melanie Davis

    I never track stats on my blogs because my goal is to put solid sex ed information out there, and if my posts help even a few people, I’m a happy camper. I would welcome paying sponsors, but goodness knows I can’t pull it together to have camera crews in my house each day!

  13. Katja of Skimbaco

    Well said. And I think that’s the reason why you have been so successful, and why you will get that TV show one day – you are authentic, real. You do what you love to do.

    I think there are a lot of bloggers whose goals are only to get a book deal, TV show or sell their products, and they “have to blog” to get other things out of it. Which I think is fine, but when all different kinds of bloggers mix, and see what others get out of it, everyone starts wanting everything – and not even thinking the book deal etc. was the only goal and reason for someone to start writing on the first place. I think I got caught up on the things “I should do” to become a “successful blogger” and forgot for a while what I really wanted out – until I remembered that my goal was never to have my own TV Show, nor my face on a cereal box.

  14. Mom101

    I’m glad you do what it is you do, for whatever reason it is that motivates you. You win me over every time Jen.

    And anyway, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. There just may be a sitcom in your future yet.

  15. The Mommy

    I can’t understand the whole blog competition. I think my blog is “old school” in that I literally use it for myself – a web-log that records the s**t that I don’t want to forget (pun intended). I really, REALLY don’t understand all of the negative comments that people leave on the “big” blogs – if they made it to the big-time does that mean they somehow don’t have feelings? And why waste all of that energy on bashing someone? I usually only comment if I feel strongly or if I feel like the author appreciates feedback (you usually fall into the second category).

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