No responses to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: Happy First T-Shirts and More”

  1. Jen Singer picked #3, so Tricia, you’re our winner.

    Check back this Friday for more fun prizes, and thanks for playing so nicely everyone.

  2. Dawanna

    Being outdoors, a good book, and hugs from my sweet boys. :)

  3. Sara Phillips

    My family makes me happy – watching them grow, learn and laugh just brings joy to me!!

  4. Lana

    Sorry that was my 21 month old.

  5. Lana

    My 21 old wakes up every morning singing the Dora the Explorer theme song the best he can. It really makes me happy to wake up to him singing that.

  6. Jenn Petito

    what a great idea!! I love it!! What makes me happy is just being around my kids they will always make me laugh even if its mostly at myself.

  7. The Mommy

    What makes me happy: Good food, good wine, good kids, good books, good guy, and good hair days.

  8. Tricia

    Seeing my baby smile his sleepy smile first thing in the morning makes me so happy!

  9. Amanda Sexton

    I think what really makes me happy is a feeling of being loved by my family. My husband and kids do little things here and there to “make mama happy”. I love my family and they bring me great Joy.

  10. Stephanie

    When I decided to be a stay at home mom, my mother told me that I needed to be sure to do something for myself. Take up a hobby, learn something new, etc. I struggled with this idea because I wanted to devote myself to my kids (and I couldn’t think of something I wanted to do), but only a couple of months into this new job I realized she was right. So I decided that taking care of myself would be what I did for myself. I started eating better and exercising and it makes me incredibly happy (and proud) that I ran my FIRST 5K two weeks ago. I’ve already signed up for two more! At 41 years old, I’m loving taking care of my family and myself and look forward to many more Happy Firsts!

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