2 responses to “LEAN GREEN FAMILY: Keeping up with the Joneses'…Coupons?”

  1. kortingscodes

    As we’re on LEAN GREEN FAMILY: Keeping up with the Joneses’…Coupons? – MommaSaid's Linger, If you take the time to seek out coupons for items you will already spend money on then you can get the rewards of spending less while still getting all the things your family needs. You may think it is silly using a 75 cent coupon here or a $2.00 coupon there but it will really start to add up over time. When you consider the amount of money you spent on groceries, eating out, and entertainment for a whole year those coupons really start to sound good!

  2. Stacia

    I go through mypoints.com for my coupons. They pull theirs from smartsource and coupons.com so while I’m saving money from printing coupons and redeeming them, I’m also earning points to redeem towards gift cards to my favorite stores.

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