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  1. Sandie LaMaster

    Those were the days…way back when (I am a Gramma now)…I used to pretend that Tom Selleck (ah, those dimples) and Richard Chamberlain (Thornbirds, sigh, no one knew he was gay back then) were at the bottom of my laundry pile (not literally, just pretending). It was the humor I needed to get through the pile of laundry of 3 kids, my hubby, and I! I remember laughing at myself when I thought of how wrinkly they would have been after being under those wet cloth diapers (yes, cloth diapers! Pampers were just being invented then!) for so long. Wrinkly and stinky! Oh, well…it made doing laundry have a couple of chuckles to it! Thanks for the fun reminder!

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