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  1. Lana

    I used to believe that but my son got older and I started to wonder. A year ago, I was arguing with him (he’s 10 now) about cleaning his room. He told that his room was the only place there were no rules. Every where he went, home, school, daycare – everyone set rules for him, but his room was the one place where he did not have rules. After that, I have kind of learned to leave the messy room issue alone. But, your post made me wonder whether in fact it was easier to be a kid versus an adult. Besides the rules, children always have to wait for adults (there are a lot of things they can’t do without adults) and sometimes, that in itself is difficult.

  2. Dawn Sandomeno

    I’m not sure if it’s easier being a kid than an adult, but I am pretty sure it was easier being a kid back when we were than now. Great question Jen; every once in a while we should all spend some time thinking about what life is like in our kids shoes.

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