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  1. Jen Singer picked #4, so Cassie you’re our winner! Look for an e-mail from me in a bit.

    Congrats and thanks to everyone for playing so nicely. We’re going to skip Freebie Friday for the US holiday this weekend, but come back next week to play again for very cool stuff.

  2. Tricia

    I loved my Barbies, my Lite Brite, and my Sit and Spin. Any art stuff was a favorite, too…Shrinky Dinks were always fun!

  3. Shay Marie

    My favorite “toy” was my bike…a purple and teal huffy bike to be precise. My parents went through a very long drawn out divorce that lasted for years and my bike was my favorite thing because it gave me a way to escape the drama…I could ride for days! Now that I am a mom, I throw (not literally) I buckle my little girl in her bike trailer and we go on adventures at least a few times a week. It was the best toy ever…it allowed me to be free and explore and it was a great way for me to feel happy during a time that was not. I cannot wait until I can teach my daughter to ride her very own huffy : )

  4. Jenn

    I loved to play with my Barbies and the corvette.

  5. Amanda Sexton

    My favorite was a 3 wheeled “bigwheel”. It always stayed at my grandparents house and they had one for all of us grandkids. They had a long gravel drive way and we would do skid outs and u turns all day long. It was so fun.

  6. Sandy

    I love my old record player,was portable and I use to take it with me everywhere.

  7. Mary Fran

    My favorite toy was the doll house my Dad made me – three stories, furniture, wallpaper and carpet. He did a gut rehab and it now sits in my 7 year old daughters room. Makes me smile every day.

  8. Julie Ackerman

    one of my favorite toys as a child was hula hoop

  9. Sara

    My favorite toys were Barbies!! :D

  10. Kate F.

    My grandpa worked at a furniture store so he had an endless supply of giant boxes. He made us an awesome 2 room house that I loved to play in.

  11. Karen

    I had a purple metal jeep like car for my Barbies. I loved this car and to this day do not know what happened to it when we moved. I also loved to read books.

  12. jeannie

    I loved matchbox cars! :)

  13. Mandy

    I loved Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake when I was little, but I remember the thing I wanted most and was happiest to receive was a scooter (the old fashioned, non-electric that you push with your foot kind!).

  14. Alana Peterson

    My favorite toy was a tinkering board my, Pop, had in his old pole barn…just for me…old switches mounted on a board, old door locks, pulleys, all manner of things that moved around on that big old board.

  15. Anne Scala

    I loved Barbies.
    I am one of six children. One of my favorite things to do was play all by myself- just me & my Barbies. I always wanted the Barbie Dream House, but never got it. Instead, I made my own.

  16. Sheila

    My favorite toy was a working tool set that my brother received for Christmas – I got dolls.

  17. Casey

    Not so much a favorite toy – But we (cousins) loved to take all of our grandparents lawn chairs – we would lay them down – and make a fort – we would cover the chairs with blankets or beach towels -

  18. Cassie

    I had a tent that went over my bed. I loved it! I would sit in there and read to my Care Bears for hours.

  19. Emily Davis

    My sisters and I had the time of our lives playing in old refridgerator boxes!

  20. Jessica

    My favorite toy as a child was legos (still is actually). I can sit for hours on my son’s floor and build things for him.

  21. Daisy Wilson

    My dad built us a club house, with a jungle gym!

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