It's a Book! Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — Baby's First Year is Here.

ssg-babyTechnically, today is the day my fifth book is published, though really, it’s been available on Amazon for weeks. Still, I like to celebrate today like a new mom, or maybe more like the dad, because I don’t require any stitches and I get to hand out the cigars. Or whatever.

Anyhow, my baby is here: Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — Baby’s First Year. It joins its big brother and sister, Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Toddler Years and Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Preschool Years, which are Mom’s Choice Award winners. They make nice Mother’s Day presents, or shower gifts, or a treat for you to read while hiding in the bathroom as the kids watch Dora the Explorer. Or whatever.

If you’d like to get yours signed, I will be here with a pen:

Route 23 North
Riverdale, NJ
Saturday, May 8th
2-4 PM

Book Expo America
Javitz Center, New York City
HCI booth #3577
11:00 a.m- 12:00 pm

General Autographing area: TABLE 5
1:00 – 1:30 p.m.

 Or you can try to win all three and some other goodies at the Housewife Awards. The deadline is May 10th, so get your story in now.

Meanwhile, please stop second-guessing yourself. Really. You’re a good mom and your gut will serve you well. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day from this “new mom” to you.

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