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  1. Rachel

    Jen, I couldn’t agree more. Our family is gearing up for our annual Cinco de Mayo party–I’ve made salsa, beans, machaca beef, green chili chicken, ordered the bouncer, the marg machine, planted flowers, stuffed the pinatas, all while taking care of my two year old and supervising the painter who is currently working on the house and the gutter installation man. What has my husband done? He’s in the process of rebuilding the deck on the playhouse so it’s not a house-of-doom when the neighbor kids come over. He’s on week #2 of building it. The party is tomorrow.

    What I wish most was that we had a genetic excuse for only doing one thing at a time. Sometimes that Y chromosome is a little too lazy if you ask me, and we all just blame it on HIStory. Isn’t it time for that sucker to mutate, and start pulling its weight during this century? Perhaps I need to be using my time-of-the-month-card more often…

  2. MP

    For me I would like to go get a mani/pedi and a massage. Come home to a clean house and my husband attention on me. I would like to be pampered. I hardly get a shower in till midnight each night. I also would like a camera that works and a wrap for me to hold our 9mth daughter in.

    I would love all of this, but in reality I may get a nap and be able to dream about all of this. Though naps are good… clean houses are better and a looking and feeling good mama is the best.

  3. MQ

    I am always the gatherer, just as most women are supposed to be born as :)

    I could talk on the phone with sis-in-law while wiping the poop from a 17m.o son, answering a client’s request via text while breastfeeding, putting clothes in the dryer and washer while holding the ever-so-needy son on hip..and the list goes on..

    my wish for Mother’s Day this year is an hour or two of complete solitude, to be able to do one thing at a time, sipping a drink without having to choke on it..and time to really dabble on with my food..huhu! Or is that too much to ask for, once you are a mom?

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