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  1. Mary

    This happens in my house, too. In fact I was “not allowed” to get out a certain snowman decoration this past winter, because he had been accidentally left out until JULY last year (wouldn’t fit in the box when I was putting stuff away and then was forgotten….) So my husband blamed our horrid winter on this poor snowman (“all this snow is payback for leaving a snowman out until JULY”) and Mr. Snowman was not allowed in the living room this January when I took down Christmas and brought out my snoman collection!! It WAS a horrid winter, so we had a good laugh and for fun I left that snowman in the basement this year. It felt good to blame the long winter on something!!

  2. Robyn

    Too Funny. I just put away the last of our Christmas decorations that were still out in the house about 2 weeks ago. I actually put them away the day before Easter which is sort of fitting don’t you think. hahaha Glad to know I am not the only one out there that has Santa around for about 5 months.

  3. Cadie Connors

    Love this! I tried to spend some time organiziing my house this past weekend, but in between four soccer games, one sick kiddo with pneumonia, three birthday parties, and laundry, I only cleaned out one closet. Life just gets in the way:) So here’s to celebrating Christmas a little longer than normal!

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