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  1. Arianne

    Ok, I know this is from last year, but how’s this for something you wish were a sign of potty training readiness: you’re due with your next baby in a month.

  2. Jen Singer

    Hahahaha Grace! That’s too funny.

  3. Grace

    My biggest potty training nightmare was my daughter Allison! It actually started out great.. first 2 days – no accidents- she loved going on the potty. 3rd day- her big sister saw her sitting and trying to go ‘number 2′. Big sister says ‘just tell us if it hurts when you go”. Well, that was the last time on the potty for Allison for over 6 months! I tried bribery, treats, even ear-muffs at one point when she said that she didn’t like the sound of the ‘plop’! One evening – I had her sitting on the potty for so long – she fell asleep!!! I thought she’d be going to college in a diaper! Luckily I was wrong!

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