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  1. Candice Craft

    I saw the news segment, so of course I had to seek out mommasaid, and say- I can’t believe people look down on stay at home moms! That’s my DREAM JOB! I’d LOVE to stay home and take care of my family. My husband is currently unemployed, and I envy the time he gets to spend with our daughter. She cries because she wants mommy home, too. Mommy is the fun one who plays games and does crafts with her, and I get so mad at my husband because it takes this time for granted. He just watches tv and gets online, and if I got to stay home, I’d have the house spic-and-span, plus I’d have time to get all of my side projects done, and be as happy as a lark. I wish I never had to go to work, but one of us has to bring home the money… But if it were up to me? I’d absolutely positively love being a stay-at-home mom.

  2. MomDot

    I have whole hate sites dedicated to trashing me, just because I blog opinions not everyone likes, or because i have a sense of humor people dont get. It got so bad last year I had to hire a cyber attorney.

    Whats weird is there are all these sites like huffington post, perez, etc that blog controverisal or strong opinions, but you let a mom speak her mind in her own space and other moms picket and riot.

    Whatever happened to the little red x?


  3. Michael Julian

    Just a quick note of support to you and all the stay at home mothers. The people who do not respect and trash stay at home moms are the ones who feel guilty about putting their careers before their children and husband. The womens movement and womens right was intended to give a woman a choice…to work or stay home, raise kids, then go to work. Whatever one decides….no one shoudl be trashing the other. However, when the kids are graduated and leaving for college, ask them what their favoirte memories of home life as a child…9 out of 10 will give an example when mom and dad spent time with them, had cookies waiting when they got home from school or just feeling loved. That speaks for itself. Keep doing what your doing and supporting the causes you know are to be right. Take care!!!

    Michael Julian

  4. Arden Greenspan-oGoldberg

    Jen sweetie,
    That was a great segment and so important to get out there. I even had a glimpse of your books as well. What great timing my dear.
    Thanks to our conversation during lunch I just started to blog at the Momster cite. It’s great fun, practice and I am connecting to Moms with tween/teen thoughts and issues.
    Congrats again. You so deserve all the recognition and good fortune. Good things happen to great souls.
    Lots of love,

  5. Alexandra

    My goodness. I just had my first episode with meanies.

    What the heck? Can’t people have their own opinions???

    It’s my blog. I was not hurting anyone. Why would someone feel the need to tell me my blog sucked, my kids sucked, and I sucked as a mother.

    Holy cow…someone explain it to me.

    Nice to find you, I came through LateEnough.

  6. Jen Singer

    Ah, it won’t put the link… Just hit the big Facebook link at the top of the page.

  7. Jen Singer

    I just want to thank everyone for commenting and to welcome the new folks here. Also, thanks for playing nicely! Hope to see you here at MommaSaid and on our Facebook page:!/pages/MommaSaidnet/223177065194?ref=ts


  8. Melissa Jackson

    I’m elated that they did a piece on moms who blog. The negative comments gets more traffic to your site so that can be a good thing. I like what you said about writing and not worrying about every sentence- because if you do you are writing out of fear and not writing from your heart. My blogs are all funny and I have had a few comments from people who seem to forget that it is ultimately for a laugh. They try to give me advice. I just laugh and appreciate having my blogs read. My only problem… I know my blogs are funny! I should have a sitcom by now, based on my blogs but I don’t have the success as other mommy bloggers. Why not? I’M FUNNY!!!!

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  11. Diana Burrell

    One of the big problems with blogs and meanness is that anonymity side of blogging. Just yesterday, someone sent a nasty comment about a post on my writing blog: fake name, fake website, etc. so I just laughed and deleted it. How can you take someone that cowardly seriously? The nasty stuff usually (not always) comes from someone who doesn’t have the guts to put their identity behind their words. I don’t see a lot of meanness on mommy blogs, but now and then I’ll spot it and all I can think is that some women have never really gotten past junior high — and that’s REALLY sad.

    Jen, you were fantastic on this segment. :)

  12. Andrea

    Just watched the segment, I hate the divide between working and SAHM it’s just crazy. I work full-time and yes it’s hard to get everything done but it’s what I choose to do and I love my career and family. When I’m sick I can still take my kids to daycare during the week. If I want to take a personal day I can do that as well. It’s great you are recognizing the SAHM with a day out, sometimes I don’t think they are blessed with the same amount of respect and time away as working moms. When my kids are sick my husband and I both juggle staying home with them to take care of their needs and balance our work life. Don’t get me wrong, all mom’s are always going to have a longer to-do list than dads when it comes to household chores and child duties but the balance is more there for working moms. I grew up with a SAHM and I value everything she did for our family but I also saw from a dad that traveled all the time for work his “inability” to help out with dinner, taking kids to practice, changing diapers, etc and that still exists today. Part of this was generational but part of it had to do with their roles. I respect all women and mothers and think that we are all amazing! Good for you for recognizing the hard role of the SAHM!

  13. mrs.notouching

    My goodness I almost gave birth around 8am this morning when I heard you were going to be on the show. Told husband to feed the baby and dress himself while I watch the show. Glad I did! I honestly don’t understand mean comments. Why? If you don’t get it – move on… it’s not like you force them to log in every day and type in your website address into their browser (omg… do you?!) I still read some blogs that I don’t always agree with I enjoy their writing or find it inspirational and it’s a good mental exercise to force yourself just for a few minutes to see the other persons point of view.
    Anyway, just wanted to say you looked fab and hope Oprah calls you next.

  14. Jamie

    You all did an awesome job intelligently representing the mom blog community. High fives all around.

    Your Please Take My Children To Work Day makes me laugh. I have worked at home (like today), from an office, in my car, in the bathroom…anywhere I can get anything done. I’ve never been a SAHM but I know that is no walk in the park, either. Parenting is difficult no matter what “label” we have slapped on our foreheads.

    Seriously I think we are all just doing the best we can as parents. If people are taking the time to tear down others than I will gladly give them some of my to do list! ;)

  15. Ann McMillan

    I think alot of what is thought in our heads should not be sent out over the world wide web……..that being said….I, for whatever reason, feel the need to “police” what some of my family members write on facebook or forward from their email accounts…….Don’t get me wrong….I feel everone is entitled to their own opinions, yet, by airing them can offend people without even intending to. Case in point…..the other day a relative of mine was upset and posted to her facebook that she couldn’t get out of her parking lot because some “dumba$$” drove east on the westbound lane and caused an accident…..I promptly went to her inbox on facebook (so as not to have EVERYONE read which could have potentially turned into a facebook argument)…….. Anyhow, in the inbox message I wrote…. That “dumba$$” is also someone’s family member. She responded along the lines of “yeah, but he robbed a bank and the accident killed two women”…. and I said I understand that, however, what if that “dumba$$” is a friend of yours on facebook…or a family member of one of your friends……….or God forbid one of our family members??????? Do you want someone to read that you’ve just called their family member a “dumba$$”? We went back and forth for a few more messages……and I don’t know that I wanted to be declared right or the winner, but I wanted her to be a little more sensitive or considerate of what she posted. Eventually, she deleted her post and replaced it with something like “may the deceased rest in peace….and hopefully no one suffered….keep their family members in your prayers.” My heart aches for those who have lost family members due to bullying….cyber or real life……I agree let’s work toward a more positive environment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Amber Kirk

    Parents who bully should know better!! We have had 2 kids kill themselves in the last 2 weeks for being bullied so badly!! Can we not teach our children better, have we not learned our lesson, or do more children have to die due to what some parents are teaching their children. Come on WE as parents can do much better!!!

  17. Stephanie Ramirez

    I just saw your segment and found it very interesting. I guess cyber-bullying is sort of like road-rage in that these women get behind a keyboard and feel fearless, but they probably would never act like that to your face! I am the marketing director for Stroller Strides, which is a fitness franchise for moms. We have an online community where all of our franchisees can connect, share and seek advice. We have set “Guidelines” for the community and our staff monitors it daily for cooperation. The guidelines are:

    1. Keep all discussions positive
    2. Keep solicitation from outside organizations away from the community
    3. Keep religious/political/sex discussions away from the community
    4. Most of all, have fun!

    We established the community over a year ago and so far we’ve been successful at keeping a positive environment!

  18. Janine

    Hi Hon,
    Yup, I too saw the segment which is the reason I looked up your website.

    I often wonder about the kind of environment that creates school yard bullies…now I know. If it’s taught at home, what can you expect? Kids learn what they live, and live what they learn. So if Momma is a bully, and those ladies who chased you certainly qualify, then the apples don’t fall far from the trees.

    it’s a shame..instead of tearing each other down, Mothers need to build each other up after all WE are shaping the next generation, therefore we are shaping the future.

    ..and a World without a sense of humor is a cold place indeed.

    Working Mom vs Stay At Home Mom is one debate that should never even exist….quite frankly it’s bull. I’ve been on BOTH sides of the fence-stayed at home when I was able to and worked when circumstances demanded it. Both are hard, hard work. Like anything else there are benefits and drawbacks to both situations but if what is best for the kids is being done, then what is all the Hoo-Doo about? Kids do need their Moms but they also need to eat, y’know and sometimes Dad’s paycheck doesn’t cut it, especially in this economy-if Dad has even stayed around. And EVERYONE needs a break from work..and stay at home Moms are NO different in this…they work just as hard as career gals do, believe me I know.

    So instead of tearing down the working Mom, all you Stay At Home Folk-SUPPORT HER…and ditto for all you career gals. We are all doing what we need to for our kids…and kids are tough little buggers. They’ll be just fine whether Mom is home frying the bacon or bringing it home for the family.

  19. Amber Kirk

    I would also like to say that I admire those women that have children and a career! I myself do not know if I could keep up with work, housework, and the kids. The thought is inconceivable to me! Hats off to the working MOM!!

  20. Rita VanDerwerken

    I watched the Today show this morning and I am here to tell you… You are never going to be accepted by everyone… All you can do it be true to yourself and your family. Lead with your heart and you will also be right regardless what other may think. God first, You second and family next. That is all anyone needs to be happy.. Keep strong and keep blogging… All my love and prayers.

  21. Amber Kirk

    You know I am very surprised that other mom’s would take offense to a Holiday for stay at home mom’s!!! I could understand if it were MEN that didn’t agree but not MOTHERS!! I am a stay at home mom of 4, 3 of which are in school, but it is very hard work!! I mean I love being able to be there for my kids parties and field trips etc. But yes I would love to have a paid vacation day!!!

  22. The Mommy

    I wish I had seen the segment (will you put up a link?). I’ve been following your blog since you started the holiday and I’m surprised that there was negative reaction. Afterall, who DOESN’T want a day off? Anyhow, I’m sorry that there are those who treated you with so little respect.

    I know that the working vs SAH mom “debate” will go on forever, but I think it would be a lot more civil if people just remembered to respect other people and their decisions. It’s not “child abuse” for a mom to go back to work – either because she wants to or she has to. Staying home doesn’t mean that I’ve suddenly become an un-educated moron who can’t hold a conversation about current events, either. I wrote a whole blog post about it when Dr. Phil aired a segment on it. There’s just a lot of emotions involved in motherhood. Period. You’re doing a great job and you always entertain. Thanks for not letting the mean girls slow you down!

  23. Naomi

    Jen, I saw the “mommy meanest” segment on the Today show and almost choked on my oatmeal! This is exactly the stuff we are writing about on our blog, The criticism and cattiness is out of control and not just on the web–it’s everywhere and anytime. Great interview and thanks for voicing your opinion on this very big topic!

  24. Lanita Moss

    We simply can never get away from the mean girls.

  25. Michelle Fanucci

    You’re a super mom. Shoot was so much fun.

  26. Soraya

    I just saw the segment on the Today Shhow and I have always said that is not what you say but HOW you say it! How can we expect our kids not to bully or be bullied at school if we do the same thing (cyber or not)…we are all entitle to our opinion and anyone can disagree with your point of view with the same respect they would expect themselves!

    I would say any insult that ends with the word “trophy” can’t be an insult…afer all you are a TROPHY…LOL…Keep on blogging, girl!!!

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