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  1. jen

    oh how I can relate. I LOVE working from home and being able to be there when my kids need me. However, I have to remind myself and my husband that I am NOT a SAHM – I do have to work. Working from home tends to be two FT jobs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything (well, ALMOST anything).

  2. Jen Singer

    Geetha. It depends, of course, on your talents and your stomach for risk and working odd hours. ( has some suggestions and some great tips for avoiding work-at-home scams. I’d start there. Some companies let their employees work from home part-time, so you’d be able to at least be home a few days. Is your job a desk job? If so, you could probably make a case for working from home at least one day a week to start.

    But if you do, you’ll need to carve out a working space and hours so that your daughter understands it’s not play time just because you are home.

    Report back!

  3. geetha ramchandran

    how i wish i could relate to the fun, trials n tribulations of being a work from home mum… I have a year old daughter and working a full 8 hours jobs. By the time i reach home, my daughter clings on me and doesnt let me out of her site.
    I would be grateful if momies out there could suggest ideas on what work from home tht could be useful to me…

  4. Mommie Knows Best

    So relate to this! I work in an office part time and work from home the rest of the week. I enjoy the flexibility, but I was always torn about doing for my family and doing for my job. It took me four years to figure out how to manage.

  5. Dannie

    I’ve always worked in an office setting, so I thought I would love working from home when I landed a great position in early 2009. Wow… it took time to learn! I work full-time out of my home for a pet treat company and started right at the time my kids were out of school for the summer. Talk about going crazy! Learning to WFH, manage the workload and not jumping to wash the dishes was hard enough, then learning with my then 13 yo son and 8 yo daughter at home, asking for this, asking for that, constant pickering, plus more… I wanted to lock them inside and run away!

    Now a year later, I’ve learned to manage much better. It helps that the company I work for is completely understanding. The kid bickering still has not stopped though. The one thing that WFH has helped me with is my feeling of guilt when I have a sick child – I don’t feel like I’ve let anyone down if I leave work or if I have to call someone else to pick up my child.

  6. Marcela

    I too can relate to the WFH thing. I get up around 5:30 or 6 (a little before my 2 YO) and get some work done, and then it’s all about him from 6-ish to about 8AM when I drop him off at school. I’ve been WFH since he was born, and had to find a groove to fall into as far as my routine – it has been much easier since he started school – we kept him home for 2 years and that was VERY tough and distracting for both of us – he wanted my attention and I wanted to spend time with him. But I do work for an IT Company and dealing with the antics of an infant while trying to juggle conference calls and webex sessions was tough! I do feel better now about spending the majority of the day concentrating on what I have to do while knowing he’s getting the attention he wants, and meeting new friends at school.

  7. Fadra N

    I work from home. Some days in complete solitude. On those days, I have trouble staying focused. I’m easily distracted even though I have list after list. Some days my 3 year old is home with me. He is my biggest fan and wants Mommy’s constant attention. Put under this kind of pressure, I find myself squeezing in pockets of work and being more productive because I have limited time and energy to get it done. It’s odd but after almost a year, I figured out the formula. Still working on how to maximize my time ;)

  8. Ginny

    Yep. And those kids want stuff: “Can I have a snack? Can I have candy? Why not? That’s not fair? Can you pour me some juice? I can’t reach the whatever-it-is-they-can’t-reach.” I didn’t realize I would become the waitress when I became the mom.

  9. Beth Blair

    How I can relate to this post! My work hours start at 4 or 5 am depending on my deadlines and I go non-stop until my head hits the pillow. While I love working from home (my office also overlooks the backyard) it’s quite a challenge, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

    However, I do wonder what it will be like when they are both in school full-time…

  10. Lisa Sam

    Perfect. This is the story of my life for the last 12 years.

  11. Lanita Moss

    I have never stayed home with the kids during the summer. I have always shipped them to camp or have been in daycare. This will be the first summer we will all be home together. I worry about getting any work done. But I just need to not stress about it and roll with whatever happens.

  12. Karen Bannan from NaturalAsPossibleMom

    Uggg, Jen, I feel your pain. I’ve had my big girl home since March 26. She doesn’t go back until April 7. 12 long days. (And sheesh, why didn’t I become a teacher?!)

    She went to a program one day. She had playdates on three others. Yes, my sitter was here, but she’s MUCH louder than the 21-month-old for some strange reason.

    Working from home is wonderful. No commute. No suits. No socks most days. But, as I have experiences, your child screeches, “I’m not making any noise,” when you’re on the phone with a VP of a company, that cubicle starts looking pretty good. At least until the kids go back to school.


  13. Miriam

    I can relate. Last week was spring break – my work-from-home day (Monday) was not so productive. This week the boys are back in school and I’m getting more done. Summer vacation is going to prove interesting…

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