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  1. Sandra @ Fisher Price Discount

    Hello, just browsing for information for my Fisher Price website. Amazing the amount of information on the web. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but great site. Take care.

  2. Sarah Morgan

    Yay! Thanks!!

  3. Jen Singer

    Random.or selected #48, so Sarah Morgan is our winner!

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  4. Crystal

    The item that ended up being a waste for us was, believe it or not, the co-sleeper. She didn’t like it from the start and wouldn’t sleep in it. We tried to have her sleep in our bed and she was okay for the first few weeks, but then wouldn’t sleep at all. Finally we put her in her crib and she has slept like a little angel since then!

  5. Jasmine

    things we bought/were given, but never used: crib, bottles, pack n play, pacis, diaper warmer and diaper genie

  6. Jacque t

    Many things I got for my first child I never touched with my second like the diaper gennie and bouncer. The one thing I wish someone did give me was a list of everything that was going to get recalled in the future. It seams like so much of the stuff I do use has been recalled and needed to be replaced. Very frustrating that it was ok when my first child used it but now from cribs to high chairs they are not safe when the next child comes around.

  7. amancia

    this is not going to be a common answer but i am sticking with – infant bucket style carseat, as the item i did not need. finally with my third child i put them straight into a convertible seat, straight from the hospital coming home. i am not a fan of toting one’s baby around in a carseat and if you’re not doing that, might as well skip that style of seat. i always wear my babies anyway.

    that being said, with my firstborn, i wish i would have gotten a sling or moby. i got a structured soft carrier when he was about 4 months. then my last two babies i’ve worn from the beginning in a moby or pouch and it’s so much easier!

  8. Sachia Logan

    I got a fisher price glider….I didnt use it but a month maybe. I wanted a gift certificate for a doula or maid. :) Needed them both equally.

  9. Sarah Morgan

    Definitely didn’t need all the blankets we received–cute, but so many! We’ve used most of the rest of the things we received, but I wish we’d gotten the cloth diapers that we use now (I’d registered for a different kind, but didn’t receive those, anyway!) We love using them [on evenings and weekends; not at childcare], and I love that we’re now saving some money instead of throwing it in the landfill!!

  10. Amanda

    Never used the bottle warmer!! Wish we would have gotten a food processor

  11. Priscilla Fabela

    We never used the pack and play for either of our girls! It ended up being an expensive laundry hamper. I wish I would have gotten a food processor or food mill when my girls were young. I finally have one and use it all the time to make purees for recipes.

  12. Lindsey

    We got a little swing (travel size) and hardly ever used it. Not worth it for sure. When she was little, it seemed like she was going to fall out the back (it seemed to swing funny) and she grew out of it within a month!

  13. Sarah Eiden

    One of the things I never used was the baby swing. My son spit up a lot and this made it worse! I love the video baby monitor we received as a shower gift. Especially now that my son is sleeping in a big boy bed, it helps to be able to keep an eye on him!

  14. meganb

    we didn”t need the bottle warmer .. my son prefers direct from fridge. i wish someone would give us a portable dvd player for son #1!!

  15. Christine Woods

    I thought the Bumbo was a great invention, then hardly used it. By the time I felt like he was ok enough with keeping his head steady, he was sitting up on his own pretty soon after. Hardly used it. Bought the tray with it too.

  16. Amy Greco

    The changing table and baby tub were wastes in my house….didn’t use either one! Definitely could have used an electric breast pump too!!

  17. Catherine

    I never used the gazillion baby blankets I got. I love crocheted blankets but I got a few too many. I have started using some of the nicer ones now that she is older and she enjoys the suprise of a new blankie when one gets dirty.

  18. Kelli Schilling

    I never used my wipe warmer, but I would have really liked to get a sling to carry the baby in.

  19. Meg Wilhoit

    I wish I had gotten my Karma Baby sling a lot sooner than I did. I would have used it constantly. I never used the Diaper Genie!

  20. Jami

    I didn’t need all the clothes for newborn…tons and tons of stuff that my little girl never wore, because she outgrew them so fast. I wish we would have gotten a pack n play with the first one, but we received one after our second child! :)

  21. Sara P

    A wipey warmer! I didn’t have one with my first, but I thought I would like it with my second baby. It’s not in the box, but it’s NEVER even been plugged in!!

  22. Jessica (The Unemployed Mom)

    I spent a small fortune on my nursery bedding set and for what? The bumper had to be removed because of strangulation and suffocation hazards. Also, I live in Florida so the comforter was never used. All that leaves is a dust ruffle and sheet. Trust me when I tell you I could have saved over $250 if I would have just bought those 2 items alone!

  23. Christine Hartung

    I wish we could’ve gotten a baby food processor so I could’ve made organic food for my son – instead of buying tons and tons of gerber food in the glass bottle. i would’ve saved tons of money and knew exactly what was being put in my son’s food. I didn’t need the “baby lounger” as I originally thought I would. His bouncer chair was more than sufficient.

  24. Brenda Belleza

    an item I NEVER used was a bath towel warmer ~ I would remember I had it once I was taking the baby out of the tub ~ NEVER ever used it! I wish someone would have given me a breast pump (elect) – maybe I would’ve breast fed my baby boy longer than 3 months!

  25. Abby

    I didn’t need the diaper geni. no matter what you do to them they always smell!! What I would love to get is a sit and stand stroller so my older son can hitch a ride with the baby if he wants!

  26. Laurie

    Baby sling and backpack are must haves! Swings are kinda iffy. When my son was an infant, he was colicky and the swing was a lifesaver. As a daycare provider, the swing comes in handy, but only for such a short time. My advice is to find a cheap one at a garage sale…..don’t spend lots of $$ on one with all the bells and whistles.

  27. Jenny Penning

    We didn’t end up using the bottle warmer; just used warm water to mix formula with. Wished we would’ve gotten more wipes and diapers.

  28. Triscia Evenson

    The bottle warmer we received with our first son is still in the box and he is five. Maybe use with the twins that are on the way? I wish someone would give us some cloth diapers to try with the next two. Just for the experience :)

  29. Jill Nackers

    The baby bath tub, never used it. The baby bath sling yes but never the bath tub. The sink and tub work just as well with the baby bath sling.

  30. Robyn

    The thing we didn’t use with the first one and probably wont use with this next one was the baby Swing. It just seemed to take up space and my 2 1/2 year old liked the bouncy seat a lot better… With this next one I wish someone would get us a Video Monitor because I would love to be able to watch the baby playing in their crib in the morning.

  31. Jackie Martiny

    I nevvvver used the boppy, I didn’t need it at all for my 1st. But I really wish someone had gotten me one of the nicer/fancier thermometers…I especially like the no touch one for this next one!

  32. Christa @ No End in Site

    I always thought the Boppy pillow was useless and awkward. A regular pillow was much simpler! I wish someone would hire me a maid, just to do the laundry. ;)

  33. Sarah

    We didn’t really need the baby bathtub (she takes a bath in the tub with me!) I just lay her on the little bath sling and hand her the little rubber ducky and she has a great time! :)

    I guess I wish we had… well, I can’t really think of anything else. We are very blessed to have all that we really need. Hmmm… A copy of the Baby Bargains book would be nice. :)

  34. Amanda

    I did not use the wipe warmer, bottle warmer, car bottle warmer, and bumbo seat! They will be sold in a garage sale…

    I wish I could have a food grinder/blender so I can make my own baby food….

  35. michelle remmey

    The diaper genie was a total waste. I wish we would have received cloth diapers and nursing pads!

  36. rachel

    Wish someone had gotten him the nap nanny

  37. Patty Flemming

    I would have loved to have had a good sling…not an uncomfortable cheap one.

  38. mrs.notouching

    I just wish somebody would give us a good double-stroller.

  39. becky

    i never used my changing table, had diapers stashed all around house and would change at closest location. saved a few seconds here and there not having to walk into nursery. we need what we can get! could have always used more diapers and wipes!

  40. Mollie

    I never used the Wipe warmer either, or that Diaper genie.. I always wanted a rocking chair for he nursery. Would have made those nighttime feedings easier!!!!

  41. Laura Schieffert

    I wish we hadn’t gotten the hanging diaper holder. It was more of a hassle then it was worth. Sure, it matched the nursery but it wasn’t very useful to us.

  42. kara

    I wish I never got one of those big plastic baby baths, we used it maybe 5 times. The best thing I ever got was the DVD “Happiest Baby on the Block”, it was priceless and I recommend it to anyone that will listen.

  43. Amanda French

    Didn’t use the wipe warmer, wish I had gotten a baby bjorn.

  44. Laura Lord

    I really didn’t use the wipe warmer at all, but I wish someone had gotten me a swing for my 1st, it would have been a lot of help to put him down for a little while!

  45. Beth

    What I didn’t need was the bumbo seat. My little guy never looked confortable in it and we only used it a handful of times. What I wish someone got for me would be an assortment of diapers so I could see what worked best without breaking the bank. And items for when the baby is older. One of the best shower gifts was the set of sippy cups, baby spoons, and food grinder. I was happy to have those once my son reached the age of eating ‘real” food.
    Surprised no one used their wipes warmer. We love ours!

  46. Julia Sayrie

    The baby swing was a waste, my daughter hated it…wish I got mmore diapers and wipes :)

  47. abby

    what you wish someone would give your baby : a slow cooker

  48. Melanie

    I did not need the loads of cloth diapers. I ended up using disposable diapers instead. They made great burping cloths but still, did not need that many. LOL

  49. Sharon

    Yep, didn’t really need the wipes warmer or the baby bathtub. The wipes warmer worked great at home, but what happens when you’re out to eat or something? And, the my daughter hated the baby bathtub, I just got in the tub myself and held her. Can’t really thing of anything that she needs. The best gifts are diapers and wipes!!

  50. Lauren

    Wish I would have registered for a baby bjorn not a chicco carriet. The chico on was garbage, hard to use on your own, no support for babies head and hurts your back, even when you little one is only a few pounds. LOVE my bjorn and said that my baby is now to big for it :)

  51. Nikkol H.

    I really didn’t need a bassinet or a wipe warmer. I wish someoe would have gotten me a swing or a rocker for my first son.

  52. Jodi Hill

    what I never used was the bottle warmer! What I really could have used was an extra set of hands when I had my 3rd baby!

  53. MacKenzie Shutt

    I wish someone would give us multiple types of bottles to try. With my first son, we went through all sorts of bottles and nipples to figure out what bottle he was going to take since he nursed for the first couple of weeks. We don’t obviously don’t want to use the same nipples because that was a couple of year ago.

  54. christina nastos

    what i never used was the wipe warmer.. yeah it may be nice to have a warm wipe – they just dont get that cold where you need to warm them..

  55. Rebecca W.

    I really didn’t need the wipe warmer but I wish someone would have gotten a pack n play for the baby.

  56. Samantharae

    One item I wish I never had again is the walker device. One thing I wish I would have received with my first that I did with my second was a sling or wrap to hold the baby. I loved it!!

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