No responses to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: America's Test Kitchen Let's Get Cooking for the Nintendo DS”

  1. Nicole (SAHM Reviews)

    Woot! Thank you!

  2. Jen Singer picked #12, so Nicole (SAHM Reviews) is our winner!

    Thanks for playing. See you all Friday for the next Freebie giveaway.

    Jen Singer

  3. Sara

    I love to cook – so to learn new recipes by using the DS sounds really cool!! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Saki

    love eating, love food!
    It brings people together.
    It’s great for bonding and it’s an art.
    I love food and hope to be a master chef.

  5. Nicole (SAHM Reviews)

    I love cooking but I’m not very good at it and horrible about planning. I would love to be creative and come up with fancy dishes with whatever is in the pantry but I just don’t have what it takes. And it doesn’t seem like something I can learn… either you have it or you don’t.

  6. Cynthia

    I love the idea of cooking…but often find myself lost for ideas for dinner. Sometimes I get creative…but recipes are almost always a must for me.

  7. Sharon

    I love to cook, I am currently going back to school for it thats how much I love it. I hope to one day open my own B&B and make other people happy if not through their belly then with kindness and hospitality.

  8. Gina Bucciferro

    My husband LOVES to cook and I love to bake! It works out nicely in our house…my husband would be thrilled to win this great prize. My kids like to help out in the kitchen too and we all watch Food Network very often. good luck everyone!

  9. reva skie

    I love to eat, particularly “fancy” food but I hate, hate, haaaaaaaaate to cook. I need a personal chef.

  10. Carey

    If I win, I will be giving everything to my almost 7 year old. He LOVES to cook. He can (with stove supervision) make his own eggs and he helps me with lots of stuff. We snuggle on the couch and watch ATK and the old Julia Child episodes still shown on PBS! I love to cook and am really enjoying passing my enthusiasm on to my son.

  11. Kristen De Leo

    Cooking is something I HAVE to do…sometimes I do actually enjoy it. My husband really enjoys cooking for relaxation. He has taught our son to cook & his first Boy Scout merit badge was “Cooking!”. Our son has also considered becoming a chef!! :)

  12. Grace Davin

    Hey Jen! I have been in the ‘experimental’ mood lately w/ cooking. (much to my kids dismay). T I have fun w/ the experiments and adapting them to the kid’s allergies… some work (turkey meatballs were a big hit on pasta night), and some on’t (the ‘orange chicken’ was a little to orange-y for the kids liking)….

  13. Daisy Wilson

    I love to cook and try new things…my poor family has learned that every dinner is like the lottery…it might be a winner or it might not be lol

  14. Stacey Simms

    I, too, have a Mr. Food Network! My husband owns a restaurant and my cooking skills are summed up in my book, “I Can’t Cook, But I Know Someone Who Can.” (Charlotte, NC charity book – we gave $10,000 to JDRF!)

  15. Janna

    I love baking. Cooking … well, it depends on how hungry I am!

  16. Jennifer C.

    I love to cook most of all when I am just throwing things together! Following recipes can make me crazy! I have learned that if I like all of the flavors that I put in the pot, then it should turn out great… If not just add cheese!

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