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  1. Eliabeth

    Mom to a 13-year-old here – and I think it is harder these days; mostly because I was a perfectly behaved teen, myself :). Mine has a cellphone (as do all her friends with divorced parents) but I like it – I can always reach her. She knows the days she doesn’t pick up or text me back her cell phone days are over! She lived on Facebook – but we had rules around that – 1) a locked account 2) I was her friend (I had to check every day and BOY were her conversations boring) and 3) she had to use her real name — So many kids use pseudonyms on email, Facebook etc., and I think that leads to saying things they might not otherwise say (like mean things). She recently deactivated her account because she said people were starting to get mean. Within 2 weeks a note came home from school urging parents to monitor their kids – I was so glad she was off! Interestingly, it wasn’t just mean girls — boys had also done some really mean stuff (posting of a mean picture)…
    My big teen challenge? Mine walks down the stairs in the morning and I wonder – nice girl who thinks I’m the most wonderful mother in the world? or that other 13-year-old who is mortified by my every utterance? The other day, the supermarket bag boy said “Have a nice day” and I said “thanks, you too” and she acted like I was standing there naked.

  2. janice | Sharing the Journey

    Hi, Jen. Welcome to my teen sharing world! One of each – a real eye-opener. Girls…mean to each other. Boys…at mine’s age, still happy to play football during break times. My daughter, now nearly 15, has no Facebook or blog, no iTouch or any piece of fruit with apps. I’m still brave enough to know that she’s got quite enough on her plate as it is with all the other stuff going on, like homework, playing guitar and singing, moodswings, crushes, and blaming her mum for everything.

    It doesn’t seem like yesterday when your blog had thre pages and our kids loved Santa… I’m so grateful you’re healthy, happy and thriving!

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  4. Christina

    Wait until he gets a facebook page. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping my teen will turn out okay. There are so many things that are not in our control.

    And, yes, boys have it way too easy these days when it comes to dating. In the old days, there wasn’t even voicemail. The boy had to call your home and say “Hello Mrs. Persnicki. This is Alan. May I please speak to Jessica?” Having to do that surely took the kind of spine that isn’t needed with texting and stuff.

    Sigh. I never thought I’d become a curmudgeon.

  5. Barb

    Wow. You have just earned my incredible admiration for not giving your son a cell phone. When they got to be $15, I gave my daughter one in..fifth grade? How I regret that now. That didn’t have a camera and they weren’t texting as much as they are just three years later, but you can’t get this stuff back into Pandora’s box…

    And, btw, she is taking after you in her teen years. I don’t remember as much sullenness, but I’ll bet my own mom could correct my memory…

  6. Arden Greenspan-Goldberg L.C.S.W.

    Hi Jen,
    Funny my book proposal chapter is all about helping Moms navigate her teenage daughters relationship to technology. Yes it’s very different from when we were growing up Jen. Moms and Dads need to know all the ins and outs, the jargon, have chips and safety computer software installed in the family computer and have their fingers on the pulses of their tween and teenage children.
    Sexting is becoming so much more common place. Lots of teens unfortunately think nothing of it. That’s where amd when we come in. We need to educate our younger kids 10-13 about if it feels even mildly uncomfortable let me know and don’t do it!!! If you can’t say it face to face than don’t IM it, e-mail or text it.
    Girls can be a bit much here as well. They get a bit hormonal, as do some males as well and can be a bit possessive, clingy, demanding, secretive and deceptive.
    Remember your blog about being a Super Mom, well we need to be SUPER AWARE of what our kids are doing, expect accountability and provide reasonable limits and boundaries for their own good.
    Please make mention of my blog as a resoursce for Moms of Tweens and Teenage daughters at
    Thanks dear.

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