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  1. Paula

    I am forwarding this to all my mommy friends. It’s true and we don’t realize it often enough. It is tough and though we don’t always feel it we are strong. It always amazes me when someone says “I dont’ know how you do it?” as if we have a choice right?
    Let’s hear it for super hero capes with our apons.

  2. Arden Greenspan-Goldberg

    Hi sweetie,

    Sometimes we have no choice but to be even if we are not feeling all too brave. Realizing my daughter was feeling particulary frightened and avoiding calling back a long line of potential summer internship contacts was not initially easy.
    Mom, the look of annoyance on her face, I am too busy at school. Thank goodness we were spending some time together in Florida. So I was a pest, sue me, but I got he to e-mail and make all of those calls, after I said to her it’s normal to be scared. This is all so new to you.
    The best was her boyfriend suggested to her to listen to your Mom, all she wants to do is help you. I admit a few days before her calls I felt a moment of discouragement, than dug into myself and said, Oh no, you can’t let yourself sink into this, rise above and be strong.
    Jen, as usual you hit the nail on the head.
    It’s not the easier job in the world but once we get through to our kids it has so much reward and joy. There is nothing like seeing my daughter with a smile of relief and accomplisment on her face.

  3. Dawn

    Amen to that! You’re awesome, Super Hero Jen!
    I guess I’m pretty strong because I didn’t puke into my son’s yogurty backpack as I was cleaning it (even though my 4 year old just told me to get shake weights because my arms are “jiggly”).

  4. mom101

    This is absolutely awesome Jen. Required reading. We are all damn strong, and as we question our choices day to day, we should pat ourselves on the backs too sometimes and remind ourselves of this.

  5. Lindsay

    Thanks for the shout out, Jen! Yes, I think parents are strong- SO STRONG. I think about it a lot, actually. I’ve never worked harder in my life, and I’ve had some pretty difficult, time consuming jobs. This one takes the cake in every respect. But it’s so, soooo worth it.

  6. Rebecca Horvath

    Awesome! And I agree. Parenting isn’t for wimps of any kind (neither is cancer, but nobody chooses to have that)! Sometimes I think back on something I did for my kids and I say to myself, “Good job, you’re a tough cookie.” And I try to tell other parents that, too!

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