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  1. Eric Garner

    I find the best scrapbooking supplies are found around the house or at general store, such as dollar stores. Look for everyday items that you can add to your scrapbook. Around the house, the more personal an item is, the better. Items such as event programs, menus, cards, receipts, or anything else that will lend a personal touch and dress up your scrapbook are great.

  2. Jen Singer

    Sara, picked #0, so you are the winner! E-mail me your address at and I’ll send you the prize.

    Thanks everyone for your great comments. It seems we all need a little containing. Check back on Fridays for more awesome giveways here on MommaSaid. And don’t forget to enter your funny parenting story into the Housewife Awards, too.

    Happy containing.
    Jen Singer

  3. Gina Bucciferro

    I have lots of things that need to be contained. Nail polishes and all the accessories that go with them need a place – my two daughters use those items alot! A place for hair items, barrettes, headbands would be nice…I could REALLY use a place to put some of the American Girl doll clothes and accessories too!
    thanks Jen!

  4. Rena

    My scrapbooking supplies need containing:)

  5. Jennifer C

    Everything! The kitchen is the worst though. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great product.

  6. Ashley T

    We totally need everything contained. LOL But right now, all of our computer stuff is spread across the family room, do to not having a computer desk at the moment. I’d love a nice tote or storage bags to work with.

  7. Maria

    We need to contain toys and my pre-teen daughter’s magazine collection! The Tiger Beats are taking over!!!!

  8. Stephanie J

    The toys at our house need containing!

  9. Karen

    Everything in my house needs containing! I need a good system for my mobile scrapbooking days. I need a way to help my 8 yo daughter to get her room organized and a way for her to learn to THROW THINGS AWAY!

  10. Melissa

    ha – it all needs containing . . . w/ 2 little ones we have about given up. ;) toys, shoes, toiletries, baby gear, u name it

  11. Nita

    My computer room is a mess. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for sharing the Clever Container products. Have a Blessed Week.

  12. Christina

    In a house with a 3 year old and a 2 month old what doesn’t need to be contained? Toys, diapers & bottles in the diaper bag, my sanity (it keeps getting away from me). Looking at the clever container website these ladies have lots of cool ideas. Thanks once again to Jen for introducing me to something new and fun!

  13. Mary

    I need something to organize the paperwork that comes in this house on a daily basis from the kids papers from school, mail and then my home based business paperwork. Everywhere I turn there is another pile of paper….I’m drowning….HELP!

  14. The Mommy

    What needs organizing around here? Are you kidding? The short answer is “everything”. More specifically, my car (which we’re in every day for about 2 hours). Also, school papers (what do people DO with these?). And pictures. I guess those would be my top 3. Aren’t you glad you asked? :)

  15. Michelle

    Paper, paper, & more paper!!!

  16. Geri

    This bag would be great going frmo Karate to soccer practice. Change of clothes – snack – water and 2 uniforms/

  17. jennifer crowley

    my entire office needs containing! beyond that, it’s always nice to have a nice bag to contain all of the stuff one volunteers to bring to a backyard get-together!

  18. Jeannie

    We really could use some sort of device to organize mail! With 3 adults in the house, we get an awful lot of mail… and of course a container for junk mail recycling would be handy, in an effort to be a little green!

    The ZipVak looks pretty amazing, I know we could utilize it since we are constanly buying food, especially meat, in bulk.

  19. Debra Page

    Really after containing my house (which needs it) the next most important thing to contain would be my husband. He folows me around the house and tells me how to do everything I have done to his satisfaction for 40 years. Please help.

  20. Wanda Raffensberger

    My craft supplies and all of the samples that I have obtained after 14 years of selling Signature HomeStyles!

  21. Sara

    LOL!! Everything in my house needs organizing. Mostly toys, videos, and kid stuff!!

  22. Cheri

    Toys, toys and more toys – and all of the little pieces that go with them!

  23. Kate F.

    I am currently on the search for decorative boxes and baskets to store our DVDs. My husband can’t part with them and I’m tired of looking at them.

  24. Cynthia

    EVERYTHING! But in terms of the bag, all the water and snacks for soccer, yoga and other activities that go on around here.

  25. Robyn

    What in my house Doesn’t need to be contained. I think every item in our Kitchen is out of place. We had it all together once but that was 3 years ago before toddlers and pregnancy. I could really use some help with my containing and organization.

  26. Aprel Downey

    Between having a 4 1/2 yr. old daughter with tiny hair clips, lip gloss containers and sticker sheets that blanket my living room and a husband with tools, work clothes and other miscellaneous items that always go missing, my house is in deperate need for some organization containment!

  27. melissa

    the list of what doesn’t need contained around my house would be much shorter! Toys, clothes, shoes, books, mail, hundreds of pages of my daughters artwork, etc…
    I could definitely use some clever containers ;)

  28. Alana Peterson

    What in my home needs containing? My kids, but they don’t make a bag sturdy, or big enough! Ha Ha! Seriously, I’ve been searching for bag that has great spaces for water bottles, snacks and a essestials for the impromptu trip to the beach or the corner store.

  29. Kimberly

    Toiletries like shampoo, hairspray, etc. They multiply at an alarming rate. Guests come and leave bottles, I get samples that I ‘save’ for travel, buy stuff I end up not liking but can’t bring myself to throw out. It’s a disease.

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