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  1. Jen

    This brings to mind an old SNL skit featuring Jim Belushi who, after a similar incident, decided to start bringing an air-horn everywhere with him. I’ve been tempted to buy one just for home use :)

  2. Leigh Shulman

    I’m often torn on an issue like this.

    Kids need to be free to run. These days, we take them with us to so many places that, while kid friendly, still might not be the best place for running and screaming for the exact reasons you say. To ask them to be quiet isn’t entirely fair. (Yes, I know. Believe me I do, and I am not cool with my daughter running about wildly in public restaurants).

    What strikes me most about this article, though, is that you took it on yourself to discipline (kindly) these two little girls. Exactly as you should have done. The problem is when the parents of said children don’t allow for that.

    I’ve spent enough time in parks, coffee shops and play areas to see how it’s every parent for him or herself. We focus only on what our own children are doing instead of realizing that if we are in take responsibility for what other children are doing, we no longer have to bear the full brunt of parenting. And our children realize they must listen to the adults who very appropriately ask them to use indoor voices.

    Lovely article. And thank you for Twittering your URL to me. I’ll most definitely be back.

  3. Mark Stroginis

    I hate it when parents do that… I can’t believe you didn’t go find the parents/parent to give them a Momma Said lesson… And the PJ event was COOL!!!
    Have a great weekend :O)

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