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  1. Jen Singer

    Our winners are Elizabeth, Christine and Dave. I’ve heard from everyone but Dave — shoot me your address Dave and we’ll get you the prize.

    Congrats and thanks for playing so nicely everyone.
    Jen Singer

  2. Dana

    I just visited their website. This is a great idea! I would send some cards to my cousin. She always sends funny cards to me to make me smile so I would like to find some to make her smile too.

  3. Dave Stambol

    I have a VERY Dear Friend I would mail it to. Times have been really tough on her.

  4. Kate F.

    I would send it to my friends that I don’t see or talk to often.

  5. christine

    I would send it to my friend who is going through alot right now (many family issues)

  6. Sachia Logan

    I would send it to all of my close girlfriends. Won’t they be impressed that a busy mom like me is able to send them a beautiful greeting card. I would love to be able to send one of these cards to them. It might even brighten their “stressed out” day too.

  7. Sara P.

    I would send a card to my husband’s Grandma! She thinks it is so much fun to get stuff from us, and it would make her day!! :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  8. Eliabeth Edwardsen

    What a great idea! I’d send cards to those organized and thoughtful friends who mail me birthday cards every year and whose birthdays I invariably remember too late! Maybe I’d send a HI card to my daughter, who check the mailbox every day and loves getting mail.

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