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  1. Bankruptcy Australia

    You need to have a financial plan. Your financial plan should include your monthly expenses and earnings, and the measures that you are going to take to reduce your debts. I think Financial advice services can go through all way.

  2. Bankruptcy Melbourne

    Yes, This is great topic, They practice the financial management in a younger age.I think that it is important to point out that bankruptcy is not something that people can do, it is something that they have to do. For those who would rather sell off everything and go live with their parents (and hence make your financial problems your parents), when you declare bankruptcy that is what you do. You have to liquidate any assets that you have to pay your creditors.

  3. Lena

    Great topic. How tragic to hear that 18 – 24 year olds are the fastest rising bankruptcy group. Very difficult to start out adult life in such a financial hole. It makes all the difference in one’s quality of life.

    The subject of financial responsibility is so important but doesn’t seem to get enough attention. Yet everyone screamed bloody murder about the Subprime loan implosion that impacted the economy. Imagine if the banks were trying to push risky, unaffordable loans on very financially savvy people. Would have been a different story perhaps.

    Kudos to Three Jars for taking this on. The schools should also.

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