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  1. Theresa


    This information is very helpful. I have four daughters and I adore them all. My 12 year old daughter has always been the most challenging to me. It started becoming an issue after her dad and I separated. I found out later it was because he blamed me for our break up. Which was a complete lie. But the damage was done and now that we have had some time, I think our relationship is getting better. But now my ex is telling me that she wants to come and stay with him. I am opposed to this because we are finally starting to make some headway in her behavior. Besides that I feel like this would cause a problem in the relationship with her sisters. I feel that the only reason that he wants to take her is so that he does not have to pay child support. He was just issued a letter on non-compliance by the court and he now is starting to feel stressed. He has been lying about his income for nearly two years and failing to pay all of his support. It is frustrating.

  2. Tante Mocha

    Its at the Cape May Zoo….

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