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  1. Jen Singer picked number 9, so Olga you win! I’ll e-mail you to get your contact information.

    Congrats Olga and thanks to everyone who played along.


  2. Kate F.

    I prefer gaining an hour. That way I can try and convince myself that I will get an extra hour of sleep.

  3. Courtney

    I thoroughly enjoy gaining the extra hour when we fall back…I’m a night owl and I get happy to know I have some extra time to read or catch up on some DVR’d shows! However, I’m still talking about getting black out shades for our kids’ rooms…that would hopefully solve the crazy wake up times!!!

  4. Christine Stewart

    I would love to win!I love to read and my son would enjoy the good nite lite. Peace!

  5. Gina Bucciferro

    I would love to gain an hour! Instead of napping or resting, which sounds great, I would end up on facebook or email or doing household chores…but, I STILL would GAIN an hour and it’s MY hour!!!! Keep doing what you do, Jen!

  6. Jennifer

    I would rather lose the hour. The kids still wake up at the same time, but at least the clock ‘says’ it’s an hour later, so somehow that makes me feel more rested, even though I’m still sleep deprived. I found your website when my first born was a wee one and I’m still coming back for laughs! This light would be a great idea for my 4yo who still needs help figuring out the whole clock-thing!

  7. Lana

    I have an 18 month old and a ten year old, I am finally sleeping – not much, but better than before. I would still rather gain an hour because I can’t remember what a full night’s sleep feels like or the last time, I slept in. I want to remember, but it is like a big old blur.

  8. Olga

    I am a new mommy of a four-month-old baby boy and I am writing this when I would looove to take a nap! Unfortunately, little Achilles will be up in an hour or two for yet another feeding so I decide not to torture myself by falling asleep only to wake up again. My baby sleeps and wakes up whenever he feels like so, an hour plus or minus, it doesn’t really matter! This light is definitely lovely, however!

  9. Laura K

    I would definetly rather lose an hour. I like leaving work at 5:30pm and still having it be light out. I hate driving home in the dark .It seems so depressing. So psyched to put those clocks forward!!
    ANd now that I have my 18month old son finally sleeping in his own bed…..I can finally get some sleep and don’t mind losing the extra hour!! WOOHOO!!

  10. Jenette

    I just wish they would quit messing with the time all together. My sleep cycles are all messed up due to children anyway, losing and gaining hours just throws me off even more. What would be really nice is if every kid born on the face of the earth had a sensor installed in them. When the sun goes down, they automatically drop off into sound peaceful sleep. When the sun comes up, they are bright eyed, bushy tailed and HAPPY!! I am weary of bedtime struggle and the “I don’t want to get up and go to school!” whine. But alas, motherhood wasn’t meant to be that simple. So, if I really have to choose to lose and hour of sleep, or gain one? I’d rather gain one! :-)

  11. Jaimee

    I actually like to lose the hr of sleep.Call me crazy, but an extra hr of sunshine in this groggy haze, I am all for it ! I don’t require a lot of sleep as is, and this lets us have sunlight until dinner, which I love ! Just the saying spring forward, makes me want to scream YIPPEE ! I have three sons, one being a 4 yr old that hasn’t ever befriended sleep, so it really doesn’t make much difference to me besides it allows us more time outside,..which in turn could potentially help my lil one sleep better.. I love it !!! :)

  12. shelly

    i would rather gain an hour during the day….winter goes by rather slowly, but summer would be a blast with the extra hour,,,who can i memo about this???? lol

  13. Jennifer K

    I always think YES! when I am going to gain an hour of sleep, but with kids, it never happens. So I actually think losing an hour is what I prefer, because it doesn’t seem to mess me up as badly (I suppose it’s because I’m used to not getting enough sleep!).

  14. Aprel Downey

    I would rather gain an hour. Maybe then I could get caught up on laundry, clean the house, return a few emails, write a couple blog entries, fill out all the endless forms that seem to come home from school everday and squeeze in a few extra minutes of quality time with my daughter. It doesn’t matter if we ‘gain’ or ‘lose’ an hour, my daughter will still wake up at 6:30…sigh!

  15. Alana Peterson

    Wow! These nite lites are cool! I wish I had one like that when I was little!

  16. The Mommy

    This whole “lose” or “gain” is a bunch of hooey when you have small children. They sleep the same amount, regardless of what time the clock says. Every spring and fall, especially when I have an infant, I try to remember how it worked with the older kids…and I fail. After my third child I just decided to roll with it. We sleep when we can around here, which is pretty much between 1:42AM and 3:14AM. {SIGH} I love your books, though! At least they give me something interesting to read when I’m awake!

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