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  1. Jen Singer

    And the winner is…Sharonda Penn! I’ll contact you to get your information for Care4Hire. Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated. Have a great week everyone!

  2. Scott Perkins

    I would outsource the updating of my Facebook status

  3. Cheryl

    I would love to find a housekeeper that services my area! Most chains do not and it is hard to find a good, available independent. It would also be nice to find a good reliable babysitter that can handle all 6 of my kids for more than a couple of hours!

  4. Naidu S

    Cleaning the Toilet and the Kitchen – not so pleasing work!

  5. Cranky Sarah

    I would choose housekeeper, I can keep up with the kids themselves, their messes – not so much!

  6. Sharonda Penn

    I would really like a responsible, drug-free, alcohol-free sitter to keep our three kids for an entire weekend so that my husband and I can have a chance to enjoy each other’s company again. That would be a chore of relief.

  7. mrs.notouching

    COOKING – my neighbors would be happy not to hear that fire alarm anymore… on the other hand I know they all come out just ot check out those firemen.

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