10 Signs it's Winter, Mom and Dad

Winter funby Jen Singer

  1. You found three mittens in the toy box – and they’re all lefties.
  2. After a month of constant play, your kids’ Hokey Pokey Elmo can no longer put his whole self in.
  3. You wrestle the baby’s snowsuit on, and then he fills his diaper.
  4. You’re flipping through the TV channels, remote in one hand and credit card in the other, for a fundraiser to cure Cabin Fever.
  5. You’ve spotted two of the missing right-handed mittens — on the neighbor’s snowman.
  6. The sun goes down hours and hours before your kids do.
  7. You wish the stroller had four-wheel-drive.
  8. Don’t worry. The groceries stay nicely refrigerated in the car, right where you forgot them.
  9. Your socks are now starring in a puppet show with no plot.
  10. You’ve heard the two words that put fear in the hearts of all parents: Snow Day. Again…

Parts of this list appeared in Parenting magazine, back in the day, and yet it still applies.

Share, share, that’s fair: If there’s one word to describe MommaSaid’s fans, it’s “clever.” Please share your signs of winter and we’ll all giggle into our hot chocolates together.

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