No responses to “Am I Right, Moms? What I Miss Most…”

  1. Dawn Sandomeno

    I miss quiet Sunday mornings with the paper, a cup of coffee and conversation with my husband.

  2. Edie

    My boobs staying where they are supposed to be without a bra on!

  3. Andrea

    my regular, pre-stretch-mark, stomach and belly button shape!

  4. kara-noel

    Sleeping in!!
    Being able to go to the gym whenever I feel like it.
    Make-out sessions with the hubby w/o worrying that the door is locked.
    Wouldn’t change it for the world!!

  5. Christine

    …my waist;
    …lacy bras instead of nursing bras;
    …books, not only for lack of time but the inability to keep my eyes open past one sentence;
    …hot food, because who has time to sit down and eat once it’s ready?

  6. Lana

    I am currently in the toddler and tween years…and I really miss sleep. What I would pay for a good night’s rest.

  7. Kirsten Branch

    Pretty much, but for my part:

    Not hearing my own voice on repeat for an entire day. Some days I go hoarse.

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