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  1. Jen Singer chose #7, so our winner is….Jen Miller. Congrats Jen. I’ll contact you for your addy for the prize.

    Thanks everyone for playing along. I loved all of your responses.

    Jen Singer

  2. Susan Johnston

    This was an easy one for me. My favorite red item isn’t really a thing, but it has to be my youngest daughter, Riley. She has the same beautiful red hair as my mother.

  3. Sherry F

    My oh so soft and cozy red flannel sheets are my favorite red thing.

  4. jennifer crowley

    my favorite red item is a red flowy shirt I have with the neckline in a crochet pattern

  5. Andrea

    My favorite red thing is my red nail polish called ‘I’m not really a waitress red.’ It is that little something that makes me, a stay at home mom, feel pretty when I wear it.

  6. Teresa Espinosa

    My favorite red item is the red handbag I purchased from american heart association silent auction @ my childrens school. It reminds me everyday of my Dad who passed away 3 years ago from massive heart attack. Miss you Dad, that’s why I love my red purse.

  7. Susan ( @grumpy1970 )

    My favorite red “thing” is the locket my husband and son gave me for Christmas last year!

  8. Elizabeth

    My favorite red thing is a figure-fitting red wool coat I bought at a consignment shop for the holidays. A guilty (but cheap) present to myself.

  9. Jen Miller

    My red leather bound Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I’ve had it since my freshman year and took it with me to England. It has a place of honor in my home.

  10. Jackie

    I have a beautiful red leather COACH bag, that I carry all winter with a beautiful crochet red scarf around my neck….so scrumptious!

  11. Condo Blues

    My favorite red item is the red polar fleece shirt I am wearing today! It kept me very warm while I was shoveling the driveway and sidewalk this afternoon but I really wore it because it’s Go Red Day.

  12. Alana Peterson

    My favorite red thing is my grandmother’s handkerchief trimmed with a bold, red embroidery design. She always carried it with her, yet only took it out in private. She once told me someone special gave it to her, but never told me who… hmmm…

  13. diana burrell

    I look *terrible* in red (unfortunately because I love the color!) but my favorite red item is a red baseball cap with a Marine logo my younger brother gave me before he left for Afghanistan. Whenever I wore it, I felt close to him and people would always ask “Why the Marine hat?” and I could tell them about both of my younger brothers. In the circles I run, not many people have family members who are in the military, so my brothers’ experiences have opened a few eyes. (Both brothers are back, safe and sound — and one of them just returned from Haiti after working with the Red Cross for two weeks.)

  14. Hilary Morris

    Both my husband and I really love the color red so we have a bunch of stuff, but right now, one of my favorite red things is my daughter’s red sequin Mary Janes, a gift from my very fashionable Aunt Pam.

  15. Jennifer P @JK8675309

    My Favorite Red Item Is my Red Landsend Fleece :) so warm and cozy :)

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