3 responses to “RADICAL PARENTING: Warning Signs Your Teen is Doing Pot”

  1. DiggyDank

    Weed isn’t that bad for you. Medicinal marijuana is healthy and usually weed is only bad if you’re driving. Have fun smoking just be responsible

  2. Max

    *cough cough* wait….what?

    While I don’t recommend kids smoke pot, lets be a tad realistic here, shall we?

    Your musings on the mood swings of cannabis users show that you have encountered very few if at all any in your life. I find that the mood swings are far more consistent in ANY teenager, especially teen girls (not sexist, stating reality), so I don’t think that’s at all accurate, fair or correct in any way.

    Secondly, as I said in my post about vaping and e cigarettes, why is euphoria so bad? have you looked at the world lately? War, unemployment, militarized police, increased demands to get into a college and how to pay for it….give the kids a break.

    Besides, I’d far prefer a kid smoking pot than taking a prescribed SSRI.

  3. Melanie Davis

    Vanessa —
    Thanks for sharing this with parents. There’s another word people should know, which is “blunt.” A blunt is a short cigar, but in my local high school, it is also a term for a larger-than-average joint made of pot wrapped in a tobacco leaf. To parents, it would look like a cigar.

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