10 Signs You're Coming out of Your Postpartum Fog

  1. You no longer know the TV schedule from 2-6 a.m. by heart.
  2. Your doctor gives you the “green light” for sex, but you ask for a flashing yellow.
  3. Your toddler is using your postpartum donut as a hat – and you don’t care.
  4. Baby lotion commercials just aren’t the tearjerkers they were a few weeks ago.
  5. You’ve stopped calling the baby’s bouts of colic, “The Devil’s Visiting Hours.”
  6. Your sitz bath is under your husband’s car, full of motor oil.
  7. You can see your ankles again, and boy do they need a good shave.
  8. You’re wearing shoes. And pants – with pockets!
  9. The baby finally smiles – and you smile back.
  10. It’s midnight and you’re spamming baby pictures across the Internet – again.

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  1. mrs.notouching

    11. You remember you have a cat and finally feed him
    12. You stop calling your baby by your pet’s name
    13. You leave the house and this time you remember the keys AND the diaper bag

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