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  1. Hair

    I have had a few mistakes to my own hair, It been bleached already a few times so there is not much else I can do with it. Great site by the way I love it

  2. Jenna

    Hey Tracy, how did you go blonde for just a month? Did you have to dye it back?

    I’ve done every color you can imagine, literally. Purple, blue, red, pink, green… green was surprisingly pretty. Emerald green. A comedian on stage flirted with me in the audience, repeatedly saying things like, “I can’t believe I’m attracted to a girl with green hair.” Too bad I have no pictures of that time. I don’t regret any of those.

    Anyway, my big mistake was the poodle perm, along with the chin-length cut, way back in the 7th grade. School pictures were to cry for.

  3. Carey

    Mine was on purpose. The first time I went through chemo I went bald, bald, bald. I got a henna tattoo on my head.

    The second time, I was told I wouldn’t lose my hair, perhaps some thinning. Out it came. I showed up at the treatment center and the nurses all said ” Wow! Never seen anyone lose that much hair on this treatment.”

    But, before it went, I also went red.

    I hadn’t thought about it in time the first time (too busy surviving). I thought this would be the perfect time to try blond (until becoming pretty grey by 35, my hair was quite dark). My friend Tori (the one who tracked down the henna artist) talked me out of that and into red. She even did it for me in her kitchen sink while our kids ran around outside.

    They saw the results before I did. They liked it better than having me bald….

    I think the person who liked it least was my father, in my opinion, because, unlike Tracy, I looked more like my grandmother with grey hair than with the red.

    It faded (and much fell out). My latest chemo treatment has had no effect on my hair at all…. so far…..

  4. Christine

    After spending three and a half years growing my layers out, I finally had my curly, dark brown hair at a length I liked, and it was all ONE length (except for the long bangs). I went in for a mid-winter trim to lift my spirits. But I hadn’t had my coffee yet, and somewhere between my brain and my mouth, “just a trim and leave the bangs long” became “just cut a little and leave long layers.” She followed my instructions exactly.

    So I’m back to my yucky, bushy layers and have to start growing them out again, with no one to blame but myself. From now on, I only make afternoon hair appointments to insure I’m fully awake!

  5. Jen Singer

    Hahaha, both of you. I feel much better now that I am not alone. Black hair turned blond and blond hair turned black. Classic.

    Anyone else have a hair salon mistake story?

  6. Tracy Beckerman

    Hey Jen,
    I did the same thing last year when I went blonde.. for the same reasons!. It lasted all of a month. Every time I passed the a reflective surface I did a double take because I thought my grandmother was following me. I loved her dearly but the woman weighed about 180 pounds and for some reason, the blonde hair made me look just like her. I also had major problems with the clothing conflicts and makeup. No one said I looked like Marilyn Monroe and young men did not flirt with me. My son did say I looked like Billy Idol. Not a compliment.

  7. mrs.notouching

    I went through an early middle age crisis a few years ago. My hair dresser begged me not to do it, but what does she know?! Just like you I wanted to be somebody else and I surely wasn’t going to spend money on something that people won’t even notice. I was on a mission to find my inner Halle Berry! My hair dresser practically cried while cutting my long blond curls and dying them jet black. And then I cried. The end.

    Forever Curly Blond

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