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  1. Dawn Sandomeno

    Happy Birthday Mommasaid – Glad you found the time to launch it Jen!

  2. Jackie Dishner

    Love that last story in your post!

    Not going to get that coffee from you, Jen, but I made my own. And I can still come over and wish a Happy 7th and not feel put out. So Happy 7th year on the Web. That’s pretty good staying power. Congratulations!

    Jackie (in for three years)

  3. Beverly Willett

    Happy birthday to you!

  4. Jen Singer

    Thanks everyone!

    I’m heading to Kansas City, but when I get back I’ll send out Starbucks cards to the first 20 posters here. If it’s you, e-mail me your address to Thanks!

  5. Cristi Carpenter

    Happy 7th Birthday, and many more! My daughters 7th birthday is tomorrow.

  6. Susan Johnston

    Happy Birthday MommaSaid! It’s been great watching you grow-up and seeing your baby steps turn to “running just as fast as you can!” I wish you continued success and growth. Go Jen!

  7. jennifer crowley

    a very happy birthday to Mommasaid! it gives me lots of insight and laughter, so thanks!

  8. Jenn Petito

    Happy Birthday – Thanks for making me laugh at the crazy thing we call motherhood for the past 7 years!! I have been here since the beginning – I even remember some phone conferences we participated in years ago!!

  9. Kimberly

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  10. mrs.notouching

    Happy Happy Birthday!!

  11. Nicole Evans

    Happy Birthday MommaSaid!

  12. Felicia


  13. Katie

    Happy Birthday!

  14. charlene/crazedparent

    happy birthday, mamasaid!

  15. Felice Mikelberg

    Happy, Happy Birthday to an inspirational blog for anyone trying to juggle the many facets of home life! Thank you for this amazing blog and sharing your stories of courage with laughter and advice.

  16. Katie

    Happy Birthday!!

  17. Colette Araujo

    Happy Birthday, MommaSaid.Net!! xo

  18. Jennifer Peters

    Happy Birthday, MommaSaid!

  19. Jeanne Larson

    Happy Birthday! I just recently added you as a Facebook friend, but have enjoyed reading your work for a couple of years! Love your humor!

  20. diana burrell

    Happy birthday!

  21. Susan Kulasekara

    Happy Birthday, MommaSaid! Your humor and common sense have helped me stay sane all these years.

  22. Alana Peterson

    Happy Birthday to!!!!!! You make life in cyberspace and in our space a little easier!

  23. Christine

    Happy, happy Birthday! Lucky number 7. Keep up the great work!

  24. Shelley B

    Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE Momma Said!

  25. Gina Binole

    Happy Birthday, MommaSaid & Jen. I know you’ve worked so hard and have gone through a fair amount to get here. Pat yourself on the back (heck, pour yourself a couple glasses of wine!) for a job well done. You’re an inspiration.

  26. Vicki P.

    You’re awesome, Jenn! I’ve enjoyed watching you grow this site and your own book collection — with grace, wit, and humility. You’ve conquered so much. I admire you.

  27. Carla Burkhard

    Happy Birthday to my favorite non-guilty pleasure on the web- where I come when I feel like I’m the only one with kids like this!

  28. Kayt Sukel

    Happy Birthday!

    (I wrote this on Facebook, too).

  29. tuesday

    Happy Birthday MommaSaid! You are a pleasure to visit and read!

  30. Heather @ JustDoingMyBest

    What a great website!Happy Birthday, MommaSaid!!

  31. Tammy C

    Happy Birthday MommaSaid..Wow what a wonderful site ..I really enjoy your blog..Keep up the great work..

  32. Sara


  33. Denise Tzouganatos

    GLORIOUS BIRTHDAY, MommaSaid! You have been my salvation while the kids were infants and am now looking for wisdom and they grow. You never dissapoint!

  34. Jamie

    Happy Birthday, Mommasaid!!!!! Abd many more!!!!!!!

  35. Jennifer Singer

    Happy Birthday MommaSaid! Congratulations Jen on a wonderful website. Even though I don’t have any children, I do enjoy reading your blog!

  36. Rebecca H.

    Happy birthday, MommaSaid! You’re awesome and full of laughs and wry insights and I enjoy visiting you!

  37. chris olmstead

    Happy b-day!



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