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  1. Joni Rodgers

    I think writers write because we’re writers. It’s how we process what’s going on in our lives, and trust me, there will always be something going on. My kids are in their 20s now, but I’m still their mom. The adventure of motherhood is no less riotous one day, heart-wrenching the next. And the nest isn’t empty; the Man Spouse and I are still in it! (Actually having a pretty great time.)

    1. Jen Singer

      I love when you comment, Joni. I agree. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Jen Singer

    For me, the next thing (and continuing thing) is writing about parenting with cancer. I’ve been doing it since I was diagnosed with lymphoma in ’07 (here and on my now defunct Good Housekeeping blog), and I will continue with a memoir.

    So I guess it’s what you’re all saying: As long as you have something to share, you’ll find something to write. I know that to be true, and I’m glad you agree. Mir said it so very well: “I think what has sustained this movement is not the “momness” but the willingness to lay ourselves bare and share our lives, including the ugly bits.”

    And if that fails, we can help Liz photograph license plates.

  3. Nikki

    I don’t know why I didn’t find you sooner. What a great and thoughtful post! I can only imagine where we will go from here!

  4. Tanis Miller, RNM

    Interesting question, one I have wondered myself as I watch my children rapidly approach adulthood.

    All I can hope for is that, like my children, my blog and my writing continues to grow and as long as the content is compelling, regardless of which genre I am labelled as, the readers will be there.

  5. Morgan @ The818

    My little girl is not quite four months, and I’m finding the transition from Pregnancy-Blogging to Mommy-Blogging a rocky one as I find my footing as a Mom. Still, I think when the kids move out, you continue on this journey in a new way. I’m excited to see where it takes you.

  6. Mir

    Maybe I’m naive (oh, lord, of course I’m naive), but I don’t think the chords that honesty strikes are a novelty that will wear off. Sure, moms getting real may have gotten lots of attention in the beginning because somehow we moms were supposed to love every minute and be selfless and never complain, but I think what has sustained this movement is not the “momness” but the willingness to lay ourselves bare and share our lives, including the ugly bits. So the kids are going to move out someday… I’m not going to be done living then, are you? ;)

  7. delilah

    I think it depends on why you blog. If you blog because you need a creative outlet that doesn’t require a babysitter or a straightjacket, you might pick up a pottery class or a bellydancing troupe and move on. If you blog because you’re a writer who can only think in snippets the exact length of a Dora episode, maybe you’ll write your book.

    It’s all about where your passion is, and where it wants to go next.

  8. Mom101

    Wow, provocative post Jen. I had to come back and think about it another day. I suppose where we go from here all depends why we blog. Is it that, like you, we are lonely? Is it a stepping stone to writing in other media? Is it connection to community? Are we leaving a written legacy to our children? Are we just hopeless narcissists that feel the need to share our every stupid move?

    Because that will all determine whether we keep writing about our kids – or at all.

    As for me, I think I’ll transition Mom101 into something totally unrelated, like just photos of license plates.

  9. Colette Araujo

    Happy Birthday, MommaSaid.Net!

  10. Jen Singer

    Good idea, Lanita. And Denise and Andrea, you blogs are great, too. Maybe I need to start a list here?

    Anyhow, thanks for reading and for commenting.

    Anybody else have something to say? Share, share, that’s fair, right?

  11. andrea frazer

    Saw you on Facebook courtesy of Kristina Sauerwein – a collegue from BabyCenter. I’m sure your voice will be more than needed as we enter that nebulous land between kid and tween! (Though our kids might not appreciate the web prescence! Time to write a movie and then pay them off.)

  12. Denise Schipani

    …and seven years later, here I am trying my darndest to follow in your footsteps, Mama Singer! Congratulations.


  13. Lanita Moss

    When the kids are gone, perhaps you will write about being an empty nester. Another frontier that will need exploring.

  14. Jen Singer

    Thanks Colleen.

    Attn readers: ClassyMommy is another great mom blog. Check it out:

    “Classy Mommy is an indispensable website for moms featuring fabulous products that can be easily accessed in one of the largest catalogs of independent baby product reviews on the Web with over 1400 product reviews, fabulous giveaways for readers, and lively videos.”

    Drop by for great reviews by a great mom blogger.

  15. ClassyMommy

    Thoughtful post. As always. Thanks!

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