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  1. Debbie Vinyard

    Oh my gosh, Jen-I can totally relate! Because as you know, I am a Hodgkin’s survivor (15 years!) and have always felt a little jealous of the pink ribbon thing. (Don’t get me wrong-I don’t want breast cancer! I just felt like it was more cool to have! I am glad if I had to get something, it was Hodgkin’s, which, thanks to research, is highly curable). My dad passed away 2 years ago to Multiple Myeloma, also in the Leukemia and Lymphoma family. That is why I have my cause, – and we contribute to LLS. Maybe I should design a purple shirt for us? Hmmm, you’ve got me thinking. I am already coming up with a cool shirt I can’t wait to show you!

  2. Jen Singer

    Thanks Lanita. People often assume I had breast cancer because I’m a 40-something woman. When I correct them, they seem surprised. But then, I, too, was surprised to get a cancer most common in men in their sixties.

    I’ll still support breast cancer awareness, but I’m ramping up my work for the LLS.

  3. Lanita Moss


    Thank you so much for offering another perspective. I am a breast cancer survivor, and although I was one survivor that wasn’t offended by the FB campaign and proudly posted my “nude lace,” I appreciate the view from the other side. There are times when I feel the breast cancer awareness industry has over “pinktified” the cause and I am embarrassed to go in the grocery store in October. But I do have other friends affected by other types of cancers and you gave me some insight on how they must feel. Thank you. As a mother of two daughter’s I have enjoyed your blog and in honor of your cancer, I will proudly post my blood type on my FB account and spread the word.

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